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Today, my boyfriend and I took a nap, fully clothed. I woke up to him panicking. He'd had a wet dream and was scared that his sperm somehow swam through several layers of clothing and got me pregnant. FML
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Try to convince him to wear a condom everytime he takes a nap, just to be safe.

This is the dumbest thing I've ever heard.


This is the dumbest thing I've ever heard.

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agreed. sperm is worthless once it comes in contact with oxygen.inform him so he can rest in peace op.

Sperm isn't necessarily worthless once it had contact with air. If it is celebrity sperm crazy fans will buy that shit quicker than.... ummm.... something that goes pretty quick, but not too quick.

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I once had a wet dream. And in that wet dream I had sexual relations with a giant Cyclopes. She used me as her *****.. My full body too, since you know.. She was a giant Cyclopes. I don't know why that happened, and I don't know what it means. All I know is that giant Cyclopes are sexy as hell!

I see you don't talk to a lot of people...

Everyone's making fun of him for being far too worried, but considering the amount of guys that don't care if the girl gets pregnant and leaves her with a baby and basically ruins her life... I think him worrying like that is sweet. Maybe he's a hypochondriac or maybe he's a little thick headed or both but he sure has a heart

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His Ignorance runs deep,does he not know the difference between semen and urine?

@106, there's a difference between wetting the bed and a wet dream...

I think the guy who thought girls pee out of their butts still trumps this guy.

Sounds like he might need The Talk again

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Ohhh that's the talk. At first I thought #2 was referencing the Theory of Quantum Superposition and the attributes of Laissez-faire. Thanks #23!

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Sounds like he never got the talk in the first place...

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Try to convince him to wear a condom everytime he takes a nap, just to be safe.

Its probably best to keep him from reproducing....

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You guys keep railing on OPs boyfriend. Did it ever cross your mind that maybe she gets hurt everytime you insult her boyfriend? Be nice to the poor guy.

Your boyfriend is incredibly immature. He might think a girl can get pregnant from kissing too...

If he touched his dick and didn't wash his hands after going to the bathroom there could be sperm on his fingers and he could wipe his lips so when he kisses his gf the sperm could get on her mouth and punch its was down her esophagus, using mucous as a shield, and just truck right past her organs, through her stomach and right into the Fallopian tube and she happens to be ovulating. Bam. Pregnant.

How many hands have you shaken or doors have you touched? I guarantee you a cold witch titty one of them wasn't clean. And I haven't seen you on Maury, so your argument is invalid.

I really hope you're not serious. If you are, you need to go back to sex ed with op's boyfriend.

29, what 25 said was completely serious. It is actually possible and quite common; it happens to me at least twice a week. Sometimes three or four on certain occasions. im @ hooge slot lol

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6, Kissing AND holding hands has a higher risk of pregnancy than just kissing.

Any time soon, OP's boyfriend will be the new Bubble boy.

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25: Not funny. That happened to my girlfriend back in 'Nam. Damn, those were some crazy times.

25. Still a better love story than Twilight.

Maybe he said that to cover up the fact that the dream wasn't about you

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How the heck would she even find out?!