By scaredshitless - 03/03/2012 13:55 - Finland

Today, I downloaded an application that notifies me when my phone is fully charged. I had no idea how it actually functions, but I plugged the charger in and went to bed. A couple of hours later, I woke up to a man's voice screaming, "I can't take it anymore!" I nearly wet myself. FML
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Your username pick is I the perfect position if you read the other guy's comment.

Don't plug "it" in so hard next time :P oh and it's perfectly natural to get "wet" in situations like these.

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I like your sense of humor.(;

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Hahah I think it's cause he 'plucked' it in

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Oh thank god I'm not the only one who noticed OP said plucked..

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Haha, a phone that ***** with its owners.

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Apparently your stupid according to comment 2's profile picture

Seriously, what ap... C-C-C-C-COMBO BREAKER!

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Google search for the app. That's what I going to do. Js >_>

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Ok. You do that. Then come back and tell us what app that is.

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Charge Alert. You're welcome:)

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Why doesn't the app say that for me it only says charging complete

147 you want me? I can't be bought in the app store sowwy:(

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That's what it says for me too!

155, I don't think you have much choice, the last time Uncle Sam said those words and nobody responded they started conscription...

So, (if u dont live alone) I wonder what everybody else in the house thought about that . LoL

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Okay that is weird... I think my friend has that app!

why is everyone putting thumbs down on this comment? hes not lying!

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I just thumbed down cuz everyone else did

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I agree, even more so if it wasn't free.

The idea is not that bad, it's just that a man screaming at you is not necessary

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Did you read the description of the app? It might tell you what it does, just maybe.

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The developers probably wanted to troll everyone by leaving out the details.

I didn't realise you can 'pluck' in chargers

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I'll pick on her when I speak fluent Finnish. The only Finnish I know is Suomi (from Olympic hockey), Linus Torvalds and Nokia. I'm a long way from hassling a Finn about mistakes in English ;)

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It says "plugged" not "pluck"....