By brunurb - United States - Norwood
Today, I had to get the manager of a grocery store to explain to his employee how coupons work. The employee had refused to accept the coupons I was using, for fear that, "they will be deducted from my paycheck." FML
brunurb tells us more :
I hope he wasn't too overwhelmed... I was checking out 5 items, and had a single coupon for 50 cents off one of the items. He just looked very confused when I handed him the coupon! :)
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  PrimeEvilTahir  |  23

Guessing from the employee's IQ - I'm sure he's had a lot of instances where he was penalized on his paychecks!

I don't blame him though. The guy is stupid - he has to be safe and avoid anything else stupid (which maybe logical to regular ppl) that would be deducted from his paycheck!

  unixdude  |  9

Considering most of the "extreme coupon" folks are committing felony fraud, yeah I would say the cashiers need to watch that show - then they know when to call the po-po.

  odexy  |  12

^ This. Where I work, if we make a mistake on our cash it's deducted from our paychecks. Maybe the cashier was just new and didn't know how to punch it in and was therefore afraid of it being deducted?

  crammer1  |  6

Dont get me wrong, i think coupons are a good thing to use. If extreme couponers understood how the system works then they shouldn't have put out a show about it though. Now that even more people are trying to do it, manufacturers and stores are starting to offer much less of the awesome deals they used to have. Especially since couponers always try to buy out the entire shelf. Way to go guys! And yes some of them try to commit fraud by trying to use item specific coupons for unspecified items. Some also photocopy Internet coupons that are only supposed to be used once. My store is constantly trying to keep up with all the ways we are losing money by having to implement new coupon policies on the cashiers. So in a way he is right, eventually it is coming out of our checks.

  kmsdvm24  |  11

Check and - he's probably featured there!

I'm never shocked by tales of stupid coworkers/servers/customers after working retail for almost a decade and then finding these websites. Definitely worth a laugh!


As far as I know, coupons aren't deducted from your paycheck.

If they are, that's a very stupid way to determine how to pay somebody. The employee can't control how many coupons the customer decides to bring into the store.

  Llamacod  |  11

you seem to be missing the point of your own post, so I'll explain the whole thing to you. op's clerk was worried that coupons would be deducted from his check. Now in real life that's not true, you and I understand this. Now what if, in the clerk's world, it was true? Then it would be his business, if his check were deducted. yes? and then you came along and said your post, saying it was none of his business what op did with said coupons( again in the real world this is true) but if coupons are deducted like the clerk thought, then wouldn't it be his business?


True, true. I guess this all boils down to the employee's lack of knowledge of the realtions between coupons and his paycheck. His fear was irrational, but again, this is because of his ignorance about coupons.

The rest is just speculation. Yes, IF coupons did affect his paycheck then he would have a right to know, but they most likely don't, so it isn't any of his business what she does with her coupons.

But you make a very valid point.


Wait humorizer, are you telling me this is why the world is full of hate, or saying my comment is an example of why the world is full of hate? Because I wasn't hating, I just felt it was stupid the employee didn't know how coupons work.

...and I actually just realized how insensitive my comment was. These are hard times, and it's actually perfectly rational to question what will hinder your bottom line. My apologies.

If it makes it any better, I made apology cupcakes....

  Blue_Black_fml  |  21

66- your comment wasn't insensitive, as it is pretty irrational for the clerk to assume coupons will be deducted from his/her paycheck. This must be the clerk's first job, but that still doesn't justify that much ignorance. His/her perspective doesn't use any common sense!

  wlddog  |  14

The world is going to crap because the stupid are still allowed to vote. If you put a requirement to it I bet the politicians would stop promising money to people too stupid to use it properly.


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Okay this is completely off topic but i just made a post on this and it was there, and i rechecked it to make sure i spelt everything right and it was gone? I'm hoping a mod rereads this just to know if it was just deleted or if i'm glitching or something because same thing happened like 4 times in past 24hours.

  micahsmommy  |  13

I always let the cashier know up front, I have coupons, if I have any in which I would get something free (they need to know the pice to write on the coupon and take off the register), and I separate store and manufacturer coupons. I like my savings but I also want the cashier not to dread seeing me.

  devilschoice  |  6

You, my friend, are the bane of all that work the registers. Bad enough we get the general brainless working them, but to have a customer drop an assload of coupons on us after the sale has been rung, is frustrating. Not only to the cashier, but to the lineup that forms behind you. -.-