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Today, I discovered the effect the cream has that my mom gave me. It was for my acne and it worked, in a way. Instead of having a lot of little pimples, I now just have a few gigantic ones. FML
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TigranPet 24

Now the choice comes down to quantity or quality.

As someone who struggles with acne, I can safely say "just water" will help nothing.


TigranPet 24

Now the choice comes down to quantity or quality.

Might not do it in Dutch next time bud. Might get you downvoted. Ik ben ook NL hoor ;)

turns out size does matters in case of acne..

Mathalamus 24

you should not be using *any* cream. its all oil based. try using just water, and keeping it clean, it may help.

As someone who struggles with acne, I can safely say "just water" will help nothing.

Mathalamus 24

its still better than the flat nothing that i do. i just figure that if its oil based, with your body trying to get rid of that, adding more oil will just make it worse.

Some acne creams aren't like regular creams that add moisture. Sometimes they're more of a drying agent, which dries the skin because it's fighting the acne and removing all the dirt and oil. These creams are often for spot treatment for this reason, I learned that the hard way with one I used to use. It's also a misconception that if you have acne/oily skin, you should get rid of all creams/moisturizing products. If you take away all the moisture from your skin, it will work over time and produce more oil since it isn't getting any, and your skin will get worse. People with acne and oily skin should still moisturize, just not excessively, and you can get creams that are non-oil based, which will hydrate the skin without adding excess oil.

you're completely ignorant of what acne creams are made of

I have acne and soap & water doesn't go far! It helps a little, but I'm a already a very clean person in the first place, so I use a few creams and things after I wash my face with soap & water.

MikaykayUnicorn 36

Come on 6, your comments have all been getting downvoted recently. What happened to you?

I'd give it an 7.5/10 on the "use if you have acne and oily skin" scale. Never seemed to help me but it also never hurt either! Good for moisturizing. Made my skin 'glow', though (code for shiny with oil if I accidentally used too much). Also gave me breakouts in weird spots if I used it anywhere other than my face, like on my stomach. Sulfur based products worked best, imo, but everyone has different skin.

I've heard that making a paste of tumeric powder and milk/yoghurt and maybe some honey works wonders. My uncle used the paste and within a half hour the pimple reduced in size

I know how you feel OP. Keep trying different brands until you find one that works for you.

Wizardo 33

In the case of acne, all medication and treatments for it will make it worse before it gets better. I was on Accutane which is probably the best but most hardcore drug for it. Just wash your face everyday 2 times a day. Change your pillowcase regularly - once a week. Have a separate flannel exclusively for your face and swap it with another when washing it. Use gel based creams for the love of god. Never use anything that has any kind of oil in it, oil is what causes most kinds of acne. Hope this helps some, for everyone.

pimple.concat(); anyone? okay i'll get out.

thewickedspider 11

I'm not sure how much this may help, but you could try witch hazel. My skin isn't prone to pimples, but when I do breakout, I've found witch hazel helps eliminate the redness and swelling. Hope you find something that works for you! xx

That just means it's working! Your skin will get significantly worse before it gets better, which is why so many people struggle to find an acne product that "works". Everyone quits using products because they seem to make it worse, when in reality they have to purge your pores before you can have clearer skin. I'm not saying ALL products work, and you know your skin best, so if it genuinely seems to be causing breakouts rather than resolving them even after a few weeks of use then it's time to try something new.