By Painfulfaceforme - 14/03/2010 02:30 - Canada

Today, I followed an acne treatment. It was only after I'd finished the treatment that I read the bottom line, stating "Do not scrub your face". I only had one pimple to start with, now it looks like I sandpapered my face. FML
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if you only had one pimple, why would you have put the treatment all over your face anyway? obvious YDI.

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always read the bottle first. YDI


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always read the bottle first. YDI

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lol at #2 but wow that's gotta suck for u....... u have my sympathy....

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I modded this to lol. but I scrub sometimes to, just don't do it to hard.

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Ya what acne treatment makes you scrup your face like that?

"Today, I made up my own acne treatment: scrub the pores off of your face."

why would you go to such extremes if you just had one pimple? acne regiments are for ACNE. not for one pimple. that when you use spot treatments.

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1) YDI for not reading the bottle 2) you had a single pimple not acne so why not just buy something for people with only a few pimples all in all OP I'm sorry but you are an idiot.

FYL because your parents dropped you down the stairs when you were little.

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what the hell?!?!? ur dumm!!!!

always read the warnings and directions, some are stupid but others stop you from having a sandpaper face >_> ydi

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ahhh don't worry ur face will always look better than snickerdoodles exuse for a face 

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YDI for using acne treatment when you only have 1 pimple. Speaking as someone who had acne for 10 years (thank God for Proactiv) you need to be greatful that you only have one. Use cover up.

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lmfao I think my computer glitched when I typed this...I was trying to say "yayyyy I'm 4th"

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glitches my ass that says "Lola I is tit faced

if no one else can read it, it says "lulz i is titfaced". so the possibility of it "glitching" is impossible. lol i know i'm like 5 months late but whatever

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that's why you're supposed to read the instructions first...

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I'm wondering why she was using acne treatment if she only had ONE pimple?

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sry I meant to say it is not that hard to read before using it

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snickerdoodles, I've been reading the comments under these fml posts for a while, and apparently you never have anything constructive to say, I'm sure you don't really care but it isn't really helping anyone when you fill this website with negativity

snickerdoodles always states the obvious... it's pretty much annoying.

I like how these insults aren't actually directed to Snickerdoodles. Way to stand up for yourselves.

Snickerdoodles' comments are only "pretty much annoying"?!?! i'd say they're annoying as ****!!!! but that's just me. ;)

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dont most treatments **** you up if you use them to begin with? 0_o I really don't know of anyone who's acne has actually cleared up with stuff like ProActiv :0

Metaphorically speaking of course. I mean no ones REALLY going to jump on your back. Except maybe a rapist... I love rapists. They complete the economy.

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haha :p they're going to pounce on you once they see you xD

I'll pounce on your backside, Miss Doodles. Purely for business purposes, of course... nothing sexual about it... no sir... >_>

Now I see why Ms. Doodle's rant on being first a few flms ago never got moderated. Seems like the staff's heads are up her ass.

*casually motions towards NYC* If we miss it, report it.

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No, if I remember correctly Sirin's post was funny.


APPARENTLY proactiv leaves ur skin worse off when you stop using it. marketing strategy? I think so!

Can I just say... Snickerdoodles... GET A LIFE!!!! how is it even possible you have enough freedom to post more than one comment on almost every single FML? you should submit one of your own, how you have to spend your life on this site because you can't get a real one!


Hey Snick. I'm not hating on you but I'm definitely not your biggest fan. Anyhoo, I was just wondering why you would continue to post on a site where everyone bashes you all the time..?

she possibly likes the attention, even if it's negative with everyone badmouthing her..or she's going through the teen rebellious phase, and can't find another place to channel her negativity..either way people should just ignore her negative comments

Uh, no. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and smocks enjoys commenting (as do I), so she comments. That's it.

She probably doesn't care what people think.

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hey snick i really liked your pic with the glasses on. and fml is a great place to realize the retardedness of humanity. oh and i make up my own words like shakespeare so no need to correct my grammer.

Perhaps if the OP hadn't scrubbed their face with the treatment it would've turned out differently. Irritation caused by the scrubbing probably caused the treatment to become too concentrated on the lost layers of protection. Anyhow, OP deserved it for not reading instructions carefully.