By Painfulfaceforme - Canada
Today, I followed an acne treatment. It was only after I'd finished the treatment that I read the bottom line, stating "Do not scrub your face". I only had one pimple to start with, now it looks like I sandpapered my face. FML
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  tweetbaby14  |  17

1) YDI for not reading the bottle
2) you had a single pimple not acne so why not just buy something for people with only a few pimples

all in all OP I'm sorry but you are an idiot.

  Mirequetz  |  6

YDI for using acne treatment when you only have 1 pimple. Speaking as someone who had acne for 10 years (thank God for Proactiv) you need to be greatful that you only have one. Use cover up.


if no one else can read it, it says "lulz i is titfaced". so the possibility of it "glitching" is impossible. lol i know i'm like 5 months late but whatever

By  rhettsn  |  0

snickerdoodles, I've been reading the comments under these fml posts for a while, and apparently you never have anything constructive to say, I'm sure you don't really care but it isn't really helping anyone when you fill this website with negativity

By  PsychoMerk  |  0

dont most treatments fuck you up if you use them to begin with? 0_o I really don't know of anyone who's acne has actually cleared up with stuff like ProActiv :0

  daniisme  |  0

Metaphorically speaking of course. I mean no ones REALLY going to jump on your back. Except maybe a rapist... I love rapists. They complete the economy.

  chelsyrae  |  0

Can I just say... Snickerdoodles... GET A LIFE!!!! how is it even possible you have enough freedom to post more than one comment on almost every single FML? you should submit one of your own, how you have to spend your life on this site because you can't get a real one!

  Ms_Jessie22  |  8

Hey Snick.
I'm not hating on you but I'm definitely not your biggest fan. Anyhoo, I was just wondering why you would continue to post on a site where everyone bashes you all the time..?

  Blue_Black_fml  |  21

she possibly likes the attention, even if it's negative with everyone badmouthing her..or she's going through the teen rebellious phase, and can't find another place to channel her negativity..either way people should just ignore her negative comments

  massagenist  |  0

hey snick i really liked your pic with the glasses on. and fml is a great place to realize the retardedness of humanity. oh and i make up my own words like shakespeare so no need to correct my grammer.

By  WhaaartO_O  |  0

Perhaps if the OP hadn't scrubbed their face with the treatment it would've turned out differently. Irritation caused by the scrubbing probably caused the treatment to become too concentrated on the lost layers of protection. Anyhow, OP deserved it for not reading instructions carefully.