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By  RivetingTaleChap  |  6

Well, that's a sticky situation.

  nnnope  |  26

I don't think that really applies here, nor does this FML deserve to be made fun of.

  nnnope  |  26

oh right, I forgot how hilarious it is when a marriage is destroyed.

bring on the down-thumbs. I'm not commenting on anything anymore.


#49 People who post to FML know what they're doing. FML is for inappropriately making fun of sick situations, maybe the OP will even have a laugh at it. And you shouldn't get so upset about some thumbs down from people who don't even know you, it's not personal, they just don't agree with you.

  ginawater19  |  13

#49, you sound more pissed off than OP does. Either way she gave her husband permission to let another woman use his sperm to make children. I don't even think I would be comfortable letting my husband do that. So in that case, she seemed to be alright with it from the beginning. But now that she found out the real insemination process no body really knows from here. She could take it lightly like she did the other controversies. Really need to hear from OP on this one. In the mean time stop being an idiot

  buckerado  |  19

Did anyone mention the cost of artificial insemination? It cost a lot of money. There are other ways to look at this situation. Maybe he was doing a good thing.
If he wore protection/was actually cheating(most likely)...kill him,grill his remains,find a dog and make him eat the remains, then burn the bones. If anyone asks where he went, tell them he left to work on artificial insemination...(the fore mentioned is illegal and most likely frowned upon in many areas. I HAVE NOT planned this out before.)

  Caitie_kid  |  8

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  griffy14  |  9

Well kind of. The act of sex actually does a lot to increase the chances for conception. A baster and sperm may or may not work as well as the actual act. I don't see a problem with the sex part if everyone was informed.

By  DocBastard  |  38

I never understood the term "artificial insemination". It always makes me imagine artificial sperm and women giving birth to androids.

Or maybe I should stop snorting dried eggplant skin...

  AestheticGuy  |  21

"in·sem·i·nate - v. To introduce or inject semen into the reproductive tract of (a female)."

1. Made by humans; produced rather than natural.
2. Made in imitation of something natural; simulated.
3. Not genuine or natural"

So, we take the process of injecting semen into the reproductive tract (insemination), but it not by intercourse, aka the process is 'artificial'. :D

  Enslaved  |  36

Shoot! I always cringed at the thoughts of Lorena Bobbitt but that's a walk in the park compared to what Catherine Kieu Becker did with her garbage disposal.