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Today, my husband and I did artificial insemination. At the hospital, they mixed up the sperm and didn't realize until it was too late. I'm now pregnant with a stranger's baby. FML
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Nice to know the hospital has just volunteered to pay for the costs of raising the child. If they haven't...MAKE THEM.


Nice to know the hospital has just volunteered to pay for the costs of raising the child. If they haven't...MAKE THEM.

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Tune in after the commercial break to find out what happens next - you won't BELIEVE what her husband does!


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Why do you need to know? Oh wait, you don't.

Because they wanted to. What other reason do they need?

Has it never occurred to you that couples could have problems conceiving on their own? She may have misshaped eggs, he may have low sperm count, either way, it really isn’t every Tom, Dick and Harry’s business why they choose artificial insemination

If you're not against abortion, you could get rid of this fetus as soon as possible and then make SURE it's your husband's sperm next time.

Artificial insemination is expensive as hell dude, plus there is no guarantee that the second time will take. Also thanks to Dictator Trump and his Idiot Administration, a lot of Planned Parenthood’s are shut down. Which means no safe place to get an abortion. So it’s a screwed if you do-screwed if you don’t situation.

Lmao “dictator Trump” you people never fail to make me laugh

Don’t worry, DM7, rich people will always be able to get abortions. The Orwellian-named “pro-life” movement only wants to oppress poor women. They don’t want to take on the fat cats who impregnate their mistresses and need their fixers to erase the problem. There are probably many Trump bastards out there and an untold number of aborted fetuses with Donald’s DNA.

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You guys downvote this, but you know it's true.

I know artificial insemination is expensive. I figured the hospital would cover it, considering they ****** up the first time. Perhaps they would cover more than one, if the first one doesn't take.

If they fertilized the entire set of eggs with the wrong sperm that means potentially months of painful injections and jabs ro collect new eggs assuming that they even can. That's a pretty big gamble to take if they're already having fertility issues.

Yes its expensive, but with what happened, whatever lawsuit they WILL win will pay for it. Because HOLY SHIT that's a BIG ACCIDENT. Where I went, they confirmed names and numbers with the sperm vials and egg containers. They made sure the numbers matched, and confirmed with ME PERSONALLY! Holy shit this hospital ****** up!

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Its a little early to tell if you’re pregnant if the artificial insemination was only done today...

Every FML has to start with the word today. The procedure may have been done weeks ago and op just recently found it what happened

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Thank you smart ass - I know how FML works... OP could then have started her post saying “today I found out that the artificial insemination I had done a few weeks ago...”

Hey, look! I found the entitled brat in the post!

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

Like, "I swear i wasn't already pregnant with another man's baby when i went to get inseminated."

Did someone say LAWSUIT?! Seriously though, this was a gigantic ****-up. Hospitals actually make a lot of mistakes that range from screwing up minor medications to fatal flaws on the operation table, yet they are often protected by bullshit legal loophole’s. If you have the proof that this is 100% the hospital’s fault and can get a great lawyer that will only charge you after you win, you and your husband will have one hell of a case on your hands, and hopefully you can set some sort of standard for hospitals.

If any of the doctors or staff admitted fault then it is 100% lawsuit material. Oh the things we learn from Scrubs.

Was the stranger hot, playah? The ol’ “mix up at the hospital” trick? An oldie but a goodie!

This is incredibly sad and a successful lawsuit