By Anonymous - 20/01/2009 05:42 - France

Today, I discovered that Paolo has a big penis, that he's good in bed and that the hotel sheets still remember it all. Mum, the walls won't get any thicker just 'cause you're on the telephone. FML
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this is soo funny the OP is saying that they heard their mom talking on the phone talking about how paolo (maybe a boyfriend?) has a big penis, he's good in bed, and that the hotel sheet still remember it all. the OP is just saying that just cuz their mom is on the phone, it doesn't mean that no one could hear what she has to say.


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dude I've seen this exact fml just with the name jeff

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Anyone else notice the sexual fmls are from France ? Anyone lol

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Alright so all you people who don't get it Do you all like mental pictures of your mum getting nailed by some guy with with an enormous ****? I'll take that as a yes

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# 23, you're dumb. her mum was on the phone. she wasn't getting "nailed" by anyone at the moment.

No you are dumb since you dont get 23's comment. It said mental pictures... Get it?

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OP overhead her mom talking on the telephone about hooking up.

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im srry i dont get it fyi this is at all not n FML...

how would u feel if u heard your mom having sex with a guy named Paola Orr whatever

It wasn't her mom having sex with Paolo, it was her mom describing the sex with Paolo.

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You can't say it's not an fml if you don't get it..

hum this is the exact translation of a VDM (#117782)

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FYL BUt who's paolo? Is he like your mom's boyfriend or something? Either way eeeewwww