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this is how old FMLs were, and obviously op liked those better so just shut up already, FMLs are supposed to be things that just ruin your day


30- I think you are the one that need to shut up. how would you know? it's called fmylife not fmyday.

haha i do things like that all the time. id probably accidentally drink from the cup i washed my brush out in too! i feel you here...

One of my friends had someone do this to him, in his iced coffee while he was painting next to her. He didn't realize it till her found a mess of acrylic paint at the bottom of it, and had to run into the bathroom to make himself throw up. Your life is far from fucked.

everyone's done something like this where they put their paintbrush in their drink accidentally, it's not a big deal...this shouldn't even be on this site

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