By really mom - 15/04/2012 17:38 - United States - Montgomery

Today, my mom started dipping into my college savings, just so she can continue throwing money away on visiting a medium who claims she can channel the spirit of our recently-deceased family dog. FML
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Well, you mom could be in pain, or just crazy.

If your mother's seance leader was very short and disappeared without a trace, there would be a small medium at large.


Well, you mom could be in pain, or just crazy.

blackheart24 10

What is channeling the dogs spirit mean? Does the medium start barking and sniffing your crotch?

Mom, stop this madness! Shut up Jon! If you paid more attention to Garfield and protected odie from that old stick-your-face-in-the-bowl trick, odie wouldn't have drowned in his own drool and this wouldn't be necessary! Now gimme that money!

Well, the medium is a twat for lying and taking money from someone who's... er... grieving, but I agree, the mom isn't being rational... Who takes money from their own children's futures? And for a dead dog no less?

K_kanaka 26

Hey dogs are just as important as people too you know. Though that doesn't excuse taking money out of a person's college savings.

I38- how can a dog's life have the same importance as a human's? Dog's don't go to heaven , neither will they matter in the long run .

K_kanaka 26

Epic fail on sarcasm. I apologize for that.

EVEN if a dog's life were worth a human's, it's illogical to take money from a living person with a future and give it to a medium simply because s/he CLAIMS to be in contact with the dead dog... And to anyone who supports mediums: you may believe in them, but there is no evidence to support them (but there's a lot of evidence against them.) I can't think of any other service, except gambling, that people pay for without knowing whether they'll even get what they paid for... EDIT: #52, I just saw that you were being sarcastic. Just pretend this comment is directed at someone else. :)

48- That's so stupid. If God made humans and animals then why would only people go to heaven? And to tell the truth animals are so much nicer then people. I mean would a dog cheat on you?

twisted_cherub 14

For people who believe in them, mediums can help with the grieving process. But there's a limit to how far one should take it before it hinders their ability to move on. OP's mom has definitely crossed that line.

91, how does scamming someone out of their money help them?

You should contact long island medium. She seems pretty good at channeling spirits.

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They have wonderful things called cell phones, where you can call people without having to see or be near them!

shanemaximo 7

They also have a wonderful thing called brains that you can use to figure out that all that is bullshit.

Yes, but just like my land line after I got my cell phone, there are some thing some people hardly ever use.

**WOOOOOSHHHHH*** That was the sound of a joke going over all of your heads -_-'

Uhh, I caught the sarcasm in both of your posts. I guess you didn't catch mine, with a glove that is inscribed 'The Sarcasm Handcatcherglove.'

I believe long island medium is real though. It kinda goes into my religion, which I don't want to get into because honestly, I can see why some people might take it as weird, but my apologies.

Let me clarify: communicate with the dog (which I don't believe) or go to college. It was a joke.. Sorry it wasn't funny. And I ment to put a period not a question.

No, that's seriously what I meant. Anyway, if you have an opportunity for an early post, why not take it?

Because if you have nothing to say you'll probably post something irrelevant or mundane like "First!" or "The Dog or College?" Besides, if you're that desperate for attention I suggest you go streaking in the streets.

Listen to McMan, he is the wise one. But seriously, if you're on one of he newly posted FML, try posting something that is worth thumbs and laughs, not complete bullshit with you coming up with the "it was sarcasm" or "I wasn't trying" or " i was joking" bullshit. That is the surefire way to get ****** in the arse by us.

If you need a thumb up to make your unimportant life feel more worth while, I will thumb you up. Thumb up for life, bro.

It was a stupid comment. I won't deny that, in retrospect. But seriously, some if you need to get out of your caves and quit giving crap to a 15 year old. Here come thumbs down.

I suddenly feel threatened by FML... So I can't come in here and post whatever shit I want? Shit, I'll rather say what I want when I want even if it gets thumbed down than observing the hidden unspoken rules made up by people I don't even know on the net...

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I got the joke! Thought it was funny it made me laugh so dont listen to the meanys. PS I thumbed up!

If someone has one bad comment you shouldn't automatically thumbs down all the others

Maybe she thinks that college is throwing away money? And wanted to put it to good use.

Good use... Hmm... Well, even if she reached the spirit of a dead dog, the dog wouldn't be able to talk because it's a dog. Good use indeed

Isn't it obvious he was? It was to me.

If your mother's seance leader was very short and disappeared without a trace, there would be a small medium at large.

Does someone always have to say that? We all understood what he meant or his comment wouldn't be thumbsed up...

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It would be very ironic if OP went to Butler. Because their mascot is a dog.

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And what is this spirit saying to her through the medium? "woof"?

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Unless you're going to become a vet that can bring back beloved pets back from the dead, she's making the wiser investment with the medium.

Say you have the right to dipp into her sex funds

Who has sex funds? Also, what are sex funds?

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Are you implying OP's mom is a **** for money?