By ruserious - 07/08/2015 11:24 - Australia - Sydney

Today, I discovered my new step-dad has a rule about the shower. After three minutes, he turns the water off at the source. I had to beg him to turn it back on whilst covered in shampoo suds, and the only way I could get him to give me another minute was to forfeit my phone for the week. FML
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JMichael 25

I think you should talk to your mom about this. Three minutes isn't enough to shower unless you're The Flash, that's ridiculous. I hope you sort things out with an adult, OP, that's unreasonable.


JMichael 25

There's a big difference I've learned, a lot of people get offended when you call they're step parents like they're their real ones

Sometimes step parents can be a bit controlling, but it feels that way only because they're not your real parents or they're really just extreme. I always hated my step dad because was very similar and didn't do shit.

Take all the TP when he's in the bathroom,

lexiieeex3 32

It's definitely a power struggle thing. I hate pricks like that.

Wow. That seems unfair to you:( in sorry OP! Hopefully he changes his attitude!

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I see what you're saying, but it's pretty hard to take a shower in just three minutes, especially if you're somebody with long hair. I think there's a difference between being environmentally friendly and irrational.

Also, it sounds like OP was given no warning about the 3 minute rule. Plus, if OP has long hair/shaves, then 10 minutes is about the shortest I can imagine it going.

wantmeasandwich 26

By that logic, we should all just stop showering to save the maximum amount of water. How's that sound?

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130, well it's not the FML community's fault he didn't made his "sarcasm" clear. Most of us aren't stupid, we know real sarcasm when we see it. Just saying.

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Let me just think about this while I go take a 15 minute shower.

myoukei 31

You need to talk to your mom about this because he is a tyrant

Indeed. Sounds like she's going to regret marrying this prat sooner or later.

Yup. Taking away a phone is usually a punishment - but OP didn't do anything to warrant being punished. You can't follow rules that you didn't know existed. This sounds like a power play: "I control your environment and your possessions. I make the rules and I can alter them on a whim. I am in charge and you do not question me." Not so much a red flag as a red banner. Unless it's an obnoxious prank, and that's only marginally better.

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cynthianicole95 9

Considering OP is female, it's probably not possible. Take i to consideration the fact that she probably shaves which takes a bit longer. :p

SquirrellyGirl 20

Not easy if op is a girl. They gotta shave and if they have long hair it's tough

Good luck with that. For all we know, OP could be like my sister with hair down to her ankles. (No exaggeration.)

start showering at your friend's houses (though I don't know what other problems he's going to cause you because it seems like he's a controlling piece of shit)

I think you should talk to your mom about this. Three minutes isn't enough to shower unless you're The Flash, that's ridiculous. I hope you sort things out with an adult, OP, that's unreasonable.

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True, but OP is used to having more than 3 minutes. Also, OP could have long hair and needed to shave. I don't think it's necessary to only have 3 minutes to shower.

3 Min is plenty for a shower or do a military shower get your body wet. Turn off the water get your hair and body soapy turn the water back on and rinse !

Sounds like step-dad used it as a power trip to me - what a jerk

3 mins IS long enough for a shower but it's a bit ridiculous that OP should have to take that quick of a shower for no reason other than the crazy step-dad.

As someone with long, thick, curly hair I can categorically say that 3 minutes is not enough time! Getting my hair wet all the way through takes more than 2 minutes itself! 7-10 minutes is my shortest if I'm not too fussed about neatly shaving my legs...

gilligan_isle 6

Ha! Try telling that to everyone I went to basic training with and our drill sergeants, we would have killed for 3 minutes. We had shower drills that gave us literally ONE minute to shower.

Also I'm pretty sure OP isn't in the army so all this talk of "when I was in the army" is about as pointless as the actual army to begin with.

I agree that that's a short shower, but my cousin is going to an army school ( it's a college I just forgot the name) and the first two weeks you have 10 second showers


to #31. while YOU did so because you were short on water and you were in the military(thank you btw) OP is most likely not in the military therefore should not be forced to have like so.

The army is as pointless as war itself in their mind I suppose. In my mind, war is only justifiable if someone was endangering your land, or your people.

If you dont wash your hair or you have short hair 3 minutes is ok.

3 minutes is more than enough time to shower.

leogachi 15

@210 I have long hair and I can't wash it in under 5 minutes. Three minutes may be enough time for you, but you can't lump everyone together.

I would not feel clean after a three minute shower. Hell, three minutes is barely enough time for the water to heat up!

I can barely get all of my hair wet in 3 minutes, let along wash it, condition it, wash my body & face, and shave. And as for turning the water off after wetting yourself, I doubt the step-dad takes that into consideration. He probably times the time in the bathroom, rather than stopping and starting the stopwatch when the water turns off and on.

Blunt person 16

Try showering with foot-long hair. And with certain showers, the temperature of the water takes forever to get right. It can take my shower 3 minutes just to get the water to the right temperature, and another 3 just to get all of my hair wet. Don't judge what you don't have a single understanding of.

A07 48

This is how revolutions start

I know some people like to save water, but all lathered up and rinsed in 3 minutes… NO! **** off, that's impossible.

the armed forces have disproved its impossibility

But if you're just getting up and still tired, then it'll definitely take more than 3 minutes.

Typically, armed forces are male, with little hair on their heads. Most women have at least shoulder length hair, which isn't so quick to wash and rinse. So, while it may be feasible for people in the army, it's not reasonable for everyone.

bad_boyfriend 10

so you take a navy show. Wet yourself, turn off the water to soap up, then rise. Of just keep crying about it and rinse with your tears.

Misskreher 30

And most women shave too, so taking a shower in 3 minutes is no where near reasonable. It takes me at least 3 minutes for one leg.

You can always shave outside. It's not like you have to shave in the shower, of course it's easier but what's better? Shaving in the shower and giving up your phone? Or shaving out of the shower and having your phone?

Shaving your legs is more complicated, though. I don't use shaving cream, so I need to get soap all over my leg, and if I weren't in the shower, it'd get all over the floor. Men can shave over the sink, but women have some more trouble with that... Yes, shaving outside the shower is possible, but not worth the trouble.

leogachi 15

@198 If you have a bath tub you can fill the bottom with about two inches of water and sit on the edge of the tub with your feet in the water. It's super easy, plus you can still use soap if you want.

#37 OP isn't in the military. My boy-short hair is so thick that it takes 3 mins to shampoo it alone and at least 10 (on a GOOD day) to condition it. Plus shaving and actually washing for a total of about 25 minutes on average. We're low income and can afford more than 3 mins for the 6 people here

Blunt person 16

Here's a shocker for you....NOT EVERYONE IS MILITARY!!!!!

sammiking 13

How would you even thoroughly clean yourself, shampoo, and condition your hair in 3 minutes?

Get wet, turn off water ,soap up, turn the water back on and rinse

Megatron_Griffin 25

My father used to threaten to shut off the hot water if we took more than five minutes. "I can shower in five minutes, no reason you can't" I guess the fact that he was bald and didn't have hair down to his waist wasn't a factor. I literally used to count to 300 every time I showered so he couldn't accuse me of taking too long

Even hair isn't the big issue. If you don't shower within/around 24 hours, you get itchy and stinky anyway. Trust me. Just rinsing will not help.

Megatron_Griffin 25

It was when my water pressure was terrible lol it takes forever to rinse conditioner out :P by the way, I love the user name

I would just cold shower at that point. better than rushing... I may freeze my ass off but at least I'll feel clean

MrZsDad 19

i really hope you are the deciding factor in his old age home.

My (ex) step father did the same, but he started timing from when I stepped over the carpet onto the lino of the kitchen, which leads to the hallway. It's about 2 4-5 metres to the bathroom from there, the door is heavy and takes a bit of effort to close (sliding door), then I had to undress, wait for the water to heat up, wash my body, legs and hair. I ended up just washing my hair once a month because of it. It was crazy. I got into soooo many scream-fests with him because I ran slightly over time.