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  auntycj  |  0

Seriously, by 22? He's disgusting. I expect that from my 3 year old, but even then he gets a reminder to use a Kleenex and possibly a time-out if he did it on purpose (aka looked me in the eye while wiping boogers on the couch) if your BF still has no concept of the appropriate disposal of bodily secretions, it's time to cut your losses and move on.

  1crabbygirl  |  10

Dirty, disgusting and disrespectful. You can't take it out in public, that's a deal breaker ladies. And do I hear men advocating she should *change* the bf?! Maybe she already has a job.

  Mommyof2_91  |  10

So he can beat her up for throwing a box of Kleenex at him..ya cuz that hurts so bad... Wth? If a guy beat a women for something so petty then there would be a problem..