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Today, while at work, a man came in wearing a very elaborate cowboy ensemble and went to talk to one of my coworkers. Once he left, I asked her how she knew a gay cowboy. She then explained that he's actually a farmer and her husband of ten years. FML
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LtHoward 0

Lol wtf, Just cause he's dressed like a cowboy doesn't make the man guy, that's funny though, you better have apologized OP, anyways YDI for making such an assumption.

alex_vik 0

Take the stick out of your ass and realize that not all "cowboys" are gay. YDI


Emofluffinzhehe 0

can we say shallow? and you're gaydar is off lawl

doesn't it? uhh cowboy, brokeback mountain, am I the only one thinking this?

Prototype12 0

why would you say there gay if you haven't talked or seen them in your life.... idiot

12- you can tell if someone is gay if you add together the way they talk, walk, dress, and act, so I'm guessing she didn't use all 4 of of these

TapeMan_3000 0

ydi for thinking someone was gay if you never seen them before you shallow stupid judging swine! that's the worst insult a straight man can hear! it offends all of us!

The OP is a dumbass for thinking that Farmer=Cowboy

beccaishereyay 11

wow. why would you even ask that? ydi

gigi_bella 0

@8- Was that a Modern Family reference? :)

dudeitsdanny 9

27- Yep. All good guys who care about their looks are gay, and all girls like make-up, or they're lesbians.

beccaishereyay 11

awww Danny... I liked all your comments until now :/

That was sarcasm, Becca. duditsdanny was saying how ridiculous the original comment was.

PsychoMerk 0

@51, what if you can't wear make-up because you're allergic like me? :( I'm straight. even the mineral kind make me breakout :/

beccaishereyay 11

ahahahahaha boopity boppity, I'm not even going to try and justify myself lol i legitimatly didn't even get that it was sarcasm until you pointed that out. I feel like an idiot haha. sorry Danny. you keep rocking hard :)

beccaishereyay 11

and 63, I think she was talking about face makeup... like concealer, foundation, powder...

We all have our moments. Some just have more than others :P

beccaishereyay 11

lol thanks for understanding :)

it's nice to see that the first comment isn't " FIRST"

jasonsaied 1

haha f her life for being married to a gay cowboy

froggi_fml 0

he's a jolly rancher!!! ahaha XD

Emofluffinzhehe 0

lol no it wasnt modern family reference but i does like it =^~,~^=

When did cowboys become gay? Seriously, you try that shit with John Wayne, he would've ****** you up.

beccaishereyay 11

crazytoaster you are my hero. john Wayne would have ****** these people up

bezach 0

stupid movie cowboys used to be the Sybil of manhood

PsychoMerk 0

@63, I'm not wearing makeup.. it's that shiny ass chapstick :0 not lipgloss, chapstick >_>

dudeitsdanny 9

Becca- Lol, no worries. I have trouble turning my sarcasm off, but don't always get online sarcasm, either. Psycho- Sarcasm. Lol. Just like I'm pretty sure I'm a good guy and not gay. ....Or am I? =O

@86 I'm not gonna hit ya... I'm not gonna hit ya... *punches 86 in the face* like hell I'm not!

tehamericanboy94 0

@ 81..when brokeback moutain came out and George Bush got asked about it at a college speech was the exact moment..cowboys became gay.

PsychoMerk 0
roenick99 0

so are you defending queers, cowboys or queer cowboys?

ryguy997 0

NMA. (never make assumptions.)

you are in the 2010 and u are still calling ppl gay? WTF?

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dudeitsdanny 9

^^^^ .....Do they prefer heterosexually impaired?

lelanatty 0

O RLY NOW? That's a generalization fail right there mister.

demomanX 0

wad that cowboy eating pudding. sounds like an independent film

So you're insulting her because she made an assumption about the Guy being gay. Do you even realize that saying "it´s the worst offend ever to man" is even stupider?

My comment was meant for #33 btw -_-'

Not really. I mean if the coworker was talking to him, they OBVIOUSLY knew each other. So how come the first thing the OP does is insult that person. Even if he wasn't her husband, I doubt she would like having her friend/brother/acquaintance insulted like that.

LtHoward 0

Lol wtf, Just cause he's dressed like a cowboy doesn't make the man guy, that's funny though, you better have apologized OP, anyways YDI for making such an assumption.

pendulum2012 0

she thought he was gay because the costume was "very elaborate." I bet you got so excited to be one of the first commenters that you didn't even read the whole FML.

Monikabug 9

I agree. OP, you deserve it for assuming that a complete stranger was a homosexual, just because he was dressed like a cowboy. If you were in the South and you pulled some comment like that? You would have giant boot-shaped holes in your body. SHAME ON YOU. YDI. :)

LtHoward 0

Relax Pendulum, I don't care about commenting first, I have commented first before and I don't get all "excited" as you say, just cause the costume is "elaborate" is not a good reason to assume a person is gay.

I pity the farmer that resembles a gay cowboy.

purplemnm 9

I pity da fool who makes jokes that fail

I'm not making a joke, I'm pitying a fool... don't make me pity you!

FYL OP for assuming the cowboy was gay just like I assume #6 is ugly as sin.

#6, i change my mind. I PITTY THE FAIL!!! that is you.

purplemnm 9

At least i have the nerve to post my real pic and i pity your mom for giving birth to your stupid ass

marleytooyou 0

sukka how the hell did u get the idea he was gay???

When he started dry-humping the John Travolta poster.

Monikabug 9

Nah, even straight people do that. ^

When was the last time you saw John Travolta? Now he looks like an overweight condom. With a beard.

marleytooyou 0

wait he didn't say anything about John travolta .... did he ..... nawwww..... wait..... uhhh.....

Monikabug 9

It's not about the beard, or the skin, or the hair plugs. It's the fame. Or maybe it's the money. Hmm... Can't be sure now...

marleytooyou 0

wait what are u talking about

When it comes right down to it, isn't it always about the money?

Hmm... I don't think I've ever seen an overweight condom... although I've seen a bilemic one (that's how my first-born son happened)

XxKeLs3yxX 0

I don't understand how you can get a cowboy and a farmer mixed up and you shouldn't assume someone gay inless they actually tell you themselves. BTW #3 NO ONE cares if ur the 3rd one to reply!

@14 - City folk do this all the time. They think the stuff they see on the tv is real. If you've only ever seen a cowboy or a farmer from images on the tv, then it's easy to be confused when the real thing presents itself

alex_vik 0

Take the stick out of your ass and realize that not all "cowboys" are gay. YDI

marleytooyou 0

how the hell did u get the idea he was gay ??? sukka

KurouTenshi 0

The only cowboy I want in the pant of is Space Cowboy. I'd get down down down down down for him any day!!

mime2010 0

talk about foot in mouth disease.