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By  ViviMage  |  38

And of course you can't eat anything with melted plastic on it.

Just do what I did. Speared it with a fork or knife and put it over the stove gas burner.

Microwave can also work.

By  LordMagus  |  9

Time to provide the kid, hopefully it is a kid, some basic cooking lessons. By the age of six my girlfriend's daughter could do basic things in the kitchen, though obviously we watched her carefully. Hopefully your son is just really young, had a craving, and didn't think it through. The basic kitchen safety and cooking protocol would be a good idea, I mean if he is a really young child, go with just the kitchen safety stuff, tossing things in a hot oven could end a lot worse than melted plastic. Could have stuck a bottle of Drano in there just as easily.