By Joplin - 13/09/2010 19:33 - United Kingdom

Today, I was lying on my recliner watching TV when I dropped the remote under the footrest. I got down on my hands and knees and pushed the footrest into the chair. The moment I touched the remote, the footrest deployed and hit me square in the face. FML
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BOOM HEADSHOT (sorry if this was posted more than once..)

pow right in the kisser.=]


damn yo that sucks.

You probably accidently pressed the "deploy" button on the remote. It happens.

yes this happened to me except I pressed the ejector seat on my unicorn

OP- You deserve suck one...

26 that sounds like it happens often to you...

HAHAHAHAH!! FYL OP. but that is seriously funny as helllll!

I thought it was going to say "and crushed the remote."

ydi for programing your lazy boy to your universal remote

26 is badass

Boom Headshot!! haha jk op that sucks but I want to know how it happened.. the way you typed it leaves much to question..

To the face, to the face! Ahahah.. Tjeb is awesome :D.

in the face, IN THE FACE!!!

YDI! o(^▽^)o

cus he said so

What is this, Disney Channel? BLAM!

That's gotta hurt.

BOOM HEADSHOT (sorry if this was posted more than once..)

Dumbass..... all I gotta say.

From the looks of it you're one too.


pow right in the kisser.=]

lmao ahh i remember that from american dad

actually that's from family guy...

Ydi for completely missing looney tunes and not being aware of those hidden dangers.

Hahaha, Looney Toons taught me the dangers of life.

Recliners are evil. Very evil. I would get rid of that chair, while you still can.

at least you didn't get a busted lip or black eye