By Joplin - 13/09/2010 19:33 - United Kingdom

Today, I was lying on my recliner watching TV when I dropped the remote under the footrest. I got down on my hands and knees and pushed the footrest into the chair. The moment I touched the remote, the footrest deployed and hit me square in the face. FML
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BOOM HEADSHOT (sorry if this was posted more than once..)


You probably accidently pressed the "deploy" button on the remote. It happens.

yes this happened to me except I pressed the ejector seat on my unicorn

KingDingALing 9

OP- You deserve suck one...

26 that sounds like it happens often to you...

HAHAHAHAH!! FYL OP. but that is seriously funny as helllll!

SLKBlack96 5

I thought it was going to say "and crushed the remote."

psuboy 0

ydi for programing your lazy boy to your universal remote

Boom Headshot!! haha jk op that sucks but I want to know how it happened.. the way you typed it leaves much to question..

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To the face, to the face! Ahahah.. Tjeb is awesome :D.

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deafeningsilence 8

BOOM HEADSHOT (sorry if this was posted more than once..)

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rallets 22

lmao ahh i remember that from american dad

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actually that's from family guy...

Ydi for completely missing looney tunes and not being aware of those hidden dangers.

KaptainKupkake 1

Hahaha, Looney Toons taught me the dangers of life.

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Recliners are evil. Very evil. I would get rid of that chair, while you still can.

jkgfdxb 0

at least you didn't get a busted lip or black eye