By Rush Snake - 05/01/2009 03:57 - France

Today, I tried to play with my Wii using the TV remote. FML
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wow, your life must be boring.

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.... How did this pass?


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WowLifeDoesSuck 0

.... How did this pass?

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my fml that didn't go through was better than this!!!

I've read an FML about a girls mum that died on the way to her birthday party and this shit goes through what the fuck is wrong with this site now?

morganhchs 5

I know right. I have posted way better fmls that didn't past. I had golden fmls that didn't pass but this got through. idk how this could happen. fml.

I think the sad part is he didn't modify the remote to actually do it :P

#3 stole the words right out of my mouth.

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ive done that!! over my friends house lolol she was on the floor crackin up i was like wwhhaatt....? ohh...FML haaha

Happens to the best of us

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This is funny