By Anonymous - 24/10/2014 17:49 - United States - Lake Mills

Today, someone stole my coat. I can only imagine their surprise when they find the $3,000 engagement ring I bought earlier. FML
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Oh man, I hope you got insurance on the ring. That certainly sucks.

Wow, sorry about that. Hope things get better for you OP


Oh man, I hope you got insurance on the ring. That certainly sucks.

I don't know, does the jeweler normally offer insurance when you buy a ring?

Damn I didn't even see this when I posted . Yes they do offer insurance and usually registration! Diamond often have laser inscribed serial numbers .

Wow, sorry about that. Hope things get better for you OP

Well OP should try to explain to the lucky girl/guy that the ring got stolen, I'm sure they'll understand

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Ouch... D: hopefully you can get something back!

How is it an "ouch"? His coat got stolen, not his kidney

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Did it have your wallet/I.D. in it too? If so, hopefully they have the kindness to return it.

cadillacgal79 32

If they are prude enough to steal a coat, I don't think they are going to give it back.

I don't think theives will have the kindness to do that. "hey mate, I stole your jacket earlier, found your wallet, here you can have it back, just wanted the jacket"

Prude doesn't mean what you think it means.

iAmPaul 49

Well, I guess I shouldn't have expected the Canadian thing to do from an American FML.

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Maybe "prude" is what 11 is going for. Maybe the thief saw someone walking around with not enough clothes on, and the best solution was to borrow a coat to give to that person. The only problem is that OP was unaware that the coat is just being borrowed.

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21-yea slip of the thumb, didn't read it over.

#4 Hey dipshit, people steal stuff in Canada too.

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Perhaps the coat was stolen from wherever it was stored, like a coat room, and not where he could see it.

If I had anything valuable in my jacket I would no way let it out of my sight. The same with my bag.

Sorry OP! I hope you can do something about it. Good side of it is that hopefully you'll have a great story to tell to our grandchildren.

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36-I think she meant "your" but hey, you never know.

Sorry op, best of luck for the engagement

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You left something valuable in an unattended coat?! Idiot!!

Who says that he left the coat unattended? There's no information about the circumstances in the FML, so why do you jump to conclusions and call him an idiot?

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#9, you're an idiot for even taking the time to call OP an idiot and making assumptions.

For all you know, he could have been holding the coat and someone snatched it out of his hand.

That sucks! Hope the police catch the thief and hope your engagement goes well! Good luck OP.

I LOVE all three of your profile pics, they made me laugh do hard!