By IIIlibras - United States
Today, I learned that horror movies do not exaggerate the pain of getting your nails ripped from your fingers. FML
IIIlibras tells us more :
Welllll, I needed to move my boyfriend and I's heavy mattress back against the wall so as I lifted it up, our Doberman (who loves to pounce things) decided then would be a good time to do so..Right where my hands were. My poor long nails just could not hold up the weight thus resulting in blood.
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  UsagiArwen  |  23

I believe that avatar is something every motorist hates. You're waiting at the stop sign to turn, someone's heading your way slowly, but not slowly enough for you to feel right pulling out in front of them. Then, at the last moment, they turn on the road you are sitting at, never having turned on their blinkers, and you just wanna scream because the driver in question is a moron.

  Po1ntBlank  |  0

I don't see why this is an FML? I learned just from getting a hangnail that it hurts. i learned that horror movies don't exxadurate that. op never said he got his nail ripped off.

please know this is a joke. no need to have a bitch fit over it

  Ugi  |  26

Hell yes - that has got to hurt!

I never tried that, but the cartoon thing of striking your fingernail hard with a hammer while nailing I have tried - normally you pull a strike that's off-target but a full blooded fingernail strike is amazingly painful.


  DustyStorm  |  16

Yes indeed! Ripped one of mine off the nailbed and it dangled there like a loose tooth....still hooked inside flesh only at the very top. No, they don't reattach. :-/ FYL indeed, too....

By  Back_In_Action  |  18

NUOH MY GOD. I can't deal with stuff like that. I was watching a movie where they were using that as a torture technique and I had to turn it off. I can watch most horror films without batting an eye, but Because no. You have my sympathy, OP.

  banana1227  |  0

what you meant to say on your profile was that the reason you don't post on FML is because you have walrus size fingers and you can't press the keys. so stop blaming the fucktards. and get real whalemegin.