By chelseaface - 21/01/2011 15:13 - United States

Today, I braved the winter weather conditions to get to a clinic for a prescription anti-diarrhea medication. When I arrived to find it closed, I turned around to walk to my car where I slipped on the ice. The impact made me simultaneously bruise my elbow and shit myself. FML
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The clinic was closed, but your anus wasn't.

rickydebacle 0

you should have worn a diaper.


tpreston 0

please don't think of me as a bad person but I literally rofl'd at this

TaylorTotsYumm 10

You're a terrible person. Shame on you.

excuse me for this comment but "that sounds like a shitty situation" lol

That's one of the funniest things I've ever heard!

I honestly cant think of any reason why anyone would say ydi for this one. That totally sucks for you op.

ydi.. go to a local pharmacy not a clinic.

That happened to me too on the way home from college.

YDI for being brave next time be a coward and stay on the toilet.

rickydebacle 0

you should have worn a diaper.

mygreenhoodie 0

too bad this is fake, girls don't shit

sumerflame07 7

Sounds like you got yourself into a bit of a shitty situation...

Is the proper term "shit", "shat" or "shitted"? Just wondering.

IMO it could be either shit or shat but shitted just doesn't sound as good:/. I don't know someone more knowledgable than me can chime in on this.

I have to shit. I took a shit. I shit myself -or- I shat myself. I just shat five minutes ago. Sharted or shart is when you fart but end up with shit coming out. Makes me wonder about the origins of the name for William Shatner.

The grammatically correct term for the past tense of shit is shat

Sounds like you should intestine the ground before you walk.

boatkicker 4

Aww what's with the thumbs down? It wasn't fantastic, but at least it was a little more creative than "what a shitty situation"

Right? I know it's not great, but it was my response to the obligate, shitty situation, in every single post having to do with crap.

fthku 13

That stinks. (I just realised this when I finished typing, no pun intended) You shouldn't get anti-diarrhea medicine anyway, consider yourself lucky. You're keeping all the bad stuff that needs to come out. And you got to get rid of some of it without even having to go to the toilet! well done, you.