By Anonymous - 21/12/2013 21:50 - United States - Wexford

Today, I thought it was a good idea to flush the stink bug I found in my kitchen. Later I went in the bathroom to take a crap, and next thing I know, I feel a stink bug on my privates. I guess it didn't flush after all. FML
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That's gotta stink.

TheWumbologist 14


Rainhawk94 27

Did you set the toilet to wumbo

They had it set to "M" for mini!

ArielTheMermaid 17

I don't know if OP is male or female, and I'm not sure which would be funnier

this is my worse nightmare.

\ 28

"You won't get rid of me THAT easily!"

I'm picturing a Star Wars moment here. Like when Anakin was laying in the lava looking at Obi Wan like, "Bitch, I ain't done with you!" So, yeah you just created a Stink Vader.

JocelynKaulitz 28

They creep and they crawl.

The bug was a creep alright.

That isn't the only reason it stinks down there

DataRomance 18

What a stinky situation you have there

Shitty* If you're planning to get a comment buried, at least do it right.

jazzy_123 20

11, way to set the example.

11, How about don't do it in the first place?

I know! This is one of my scariest nightmares! I always look in the toilet and under the seat before sitting.

#34 me too! one time we had an ant problem in our bathroom and I saw one crawling pretty close to my on the inside of the bowl. eternal paranoia doesn't even begin to describe it.

Let's just hope op isn't a girl for her sake as to the private crawling...

Private room for two maybe?!

Do you not check? :o this is precisely reasons I do that!! :D

This sounds like one of those women who never check before they sit, and would probably fall in if you left the seat up

gingaa96 18

How bad can such a stinky shituation get? That's just unfortunate..

Seems as if PA is home of the stink bugs