By I'm donnnneeee - United States - Slidell
Today, I finished a 6-part project. It took me 7 hours of straight work because my partner decided I should do it alone. I then learned that the reason my partner did not help me was because the teacher e-mailed the leader of every group, saying the project was cancelled. FML
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  garrett_8614  |  14

It sucks but OP kind of deserved it for doing all the work theirself in a group project. Should have contacted the teacher once your partner made you do all the work, then they probably would have found out it was cancelled.

It still sucks though because the group leader is a complete dick.

  okokalright  |  15

His partner didn't tell him to do it alone. He just didn't do it or start it period. OP did the work because he didn't know if the project was cancelled or not and therefore didn't want to fail


Actually it is the leaders job to make sure the whole group is on the same page, hence they're the leader. Yes it goes way another if everyone works on communication, but none of us know if OP just didn't try to communicate, or if their partner was just a dick and didn't say anything on purpose.

By  FoopaShoopa  |  12

I don't understand why you dont just bring it in and just say that your partner didn't tell you it was cancelled and you spent alot of time on it and see if you can still hand it in.

By  TeacherTeacher  |  11

Turn it in to the teacher and explain what happened. Your partner failed at group leader in not communicating while you were willing to step in and do all the work yourself. The teacher needs to know that.