By Anomaly - 03/03/2015 02:43 - United States - Trenton

Today, I saw a person in my class completing a project that was due two periods later and that they had just started in the bathroom. They got a better grade than me. FML
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Tbh that's actually really impressive.

hippodankamus 22

Talk about last minute...


hippodankamus 22

Talk about last minute...

MehNameIsJuan 15

I tend to work better at the last minute

Some people work better under pressure OP, or maybe you just do shitty work. Don't worry about other peoples grades, just improve yours.

Thanks for letting us know we would've never figured it's not like we're on FML or anything

Hope it wasnt an english project :p

Some people are just better "Under Pressure."

Lol it's true (sometimes). A classmate once reminded me of a mid-term exam I'd forgotten about which was in 3 hours. I studied like a mad woman in those few hours and got a B+. She studied a whole week and got a C. Definitely don't recommend doing that on purpose though lol.

My school work always ended up better when I did it last minute than when I gave myself time.

I wish I was gifted like that! When I was in Uni there was this guy in our class who never, EVER studied but the day of the test he'd read his notes and managed a B average. I just didn't get it but it works. Putting in effort right before time is out makes recall easier and actually accomplishing something happen because there is no more time- it's do or die.

Tbh that's actually really impressive.

robodudet 18

I once had to do 3 projects the night before they were due. Never again.

What if OP just made a really bad grade?

Maybe they had more determination than(*) you

jimmer23 21

Maybe that person is a genius.

That's how it is... just face it, some people do stuff better by just thinking something out in crisis

What kind of project was it? I can't really see someone doing it that fast, unless maybe they had already done the research and they were just putting it together?

It was probably that, or the project only needed as much research as you could get from ghe textbook. This was probably one of the simpler kinds of projects. Anything more complex would have been started the night before or earlier that morning.