By cravingdeath
Today, we had to run a lap around the football field at band practice. I've had severe asthma for several years and it decided to kick up. As I sat on the ground, wheezing and crying, a fellow member ran past and muttered "fatass". FML
cravingdeath tells us more :
FYI I never found out who said it because it was in a group but the band got lectured the day after about being s team and helping each other even though I didn’t say anything so happy ending I guess???
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By  GhostFox  |  33

Ah, yes, the joys of being shamed for being "fat" or "lazy" when you have legitimate medical problems that make exercise agonizing and potentially deadly.

I'd like to take some crowbars to some kneecaps and make them run on it, and see how they feel about it then.

By  bassboss85  |  14

That used to happen to me a lot in school, only I wasn't diagnosed with asthma until I was an adult. I was constantly berated for being "lazy" and "unfit". I just assumed this was true and sports weren't for me until I recommitted myself to fitness as an adult and finally figured out something wasn't right. I find that taking my ventolin before exercising REALLY helps, and figuring this out changed my life and opened the door to stuff I could never do before. Don't let nasty high schoolers (or nasty teachers) put you off basic fitness. Even though you are not an athlete, you will find that being multitalented in music, smart AND fit enough to enjoy stuff like hiking or tossing a frisbee around will eventually put you miles ahead of most people---Even the high school athletes, who often end up injured or obese in adult life. Not to mention how improving your cardiovascular health can help you as a musician. (Singer/string player talking here!!)

  GhostFox  |  33

Yeah, no, people call people who are nearly underweight "fat ass" because of fucked up ideas of "normal" bodies. Your comment about it being because OP eats too much is also oversimplification to the point of being incorrect.