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Today, I decided to try LSD with a few friends in a safe environment. As an artist, I had planned to spend my trip doing psychedelic paintings and had all my supplies set up. Apparently I spent most of my time in fetal position muttering about the "evil easel" and never even touched my canvas. FML
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Looking at the comments I see we've got some seriously mixed opinions about me. So, first off: Hi, I'm Juniper, I'm 23 and I'm in art school in the US. I have never tried LSD or any other kind of "hardcore" drug before this. My friend had some tabs that he had used before and asked me if I wanted to try it. I agreed, only after doing extensive research, and determining that the risk was one I was willing to take. During that research, I stumbled across some beautiful works of people who had done art under the influence and thought perhaps I could have some fun trying that as well. I'm an art student and always open to new things. My parents were also hardcore hippies back in the day, and they've told me about their psychedelic experiences. I knew my risks. I have no plans to take LSD again, although I'm not currently suffering any adverse effects aside from water tasting kinda metallic for the next 24 hours (this took place about a week ago.) And the FML is actually not entirely true, but exaggerated for comedic effect. The paranoia and muttering did not last the entire time, only about 15-30 minutes. My entire trip lasted about 9-10 hours. One of my friends decided to remove the easel when she saw that it was making me upset. I think its large, angled presence in the room was off-putting. I actually spent the majority of my time having a good trip, my friends took great care of me. And despite not touching my canvas, I made some radical drawings. I did my research, I knew my risks, I set myself up responsibly. I'm not looking for sympathy or support– I just thought I'd share my kinda funny story. Those of you who are calling me an idiot are entitled to your opinions, but you're not insulting a wall. I'm a human being that makes choices for myself. Those of you who abstain from drugs, you should be proud! That's wonderful and healthy, but please allow and do not judge me for my own choices. My experimental phase is not harmful or offensive to you. And to my fellow art junkies: I wasn't expecting to create a masterpiece, this was for fun. I'm a learning artist!

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Drugs are harmful for you regardless of how 'safe' the environment is perceived to be.

Apparently it wasn't a very safe environment if even your easel is evil.


Drugs are harmful for you regardless of how 'safe' the environment is perceived to be.

\ 28

LSD is understandably illegal, and OP is an idiot.

LSD is not addictive.

who wants to bet that 27 is an addict?

iLike2Teabag 27

Betting? But gambling is addictive!

To my surprise a quick look at wikipedia shows that 27 is right. Considering the side effects taking it probably still counts as beeing too dumb to live though.

That's why you read the footnotes.

Wizzlbang 10

It's completely irrelevant whether or not LSD is addictive (which it's true, it's not), it's still dangerous. It's been known to trigger psychosis in otherwise healthy people, and it's linked to numerous other mental issues. I'm not saying you're gonna be permanently brain damaged from using LSD once in your life, but non-addictive =/= safe

Who are you guys to tell OP what he should or shouldn't do? I agree LSD was a bad decision but it's his body, he should be able to make his own choices. I think if someone is doing someone that doesn't impinge upon someone else's freedoms then they should be allowed to do it. Regardless of how harmful it may be to them it should still be their choice.

*looks at your username in awe* If that was mine, I wouldn't be able to sign in...ever.


Is it chocolate chip? *grabs cookie* I use the app and sometimes log out by accident. I have to manually log back in. You know what they say about assuming...

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LSD is awful. I took a course last year on drugs / drug use and there's a reason it's called the "date rape drug". Many people die from LSD after the FIRST TIME TRYING IT. I'm not going to be polite and say I respect your decision for taking LSD, because I don't. It's horribly awful and, like a previous commentor stated, has been linked to several mental illnesses, a major one being schizophrenia. OP, please for the love of God don't do it again because you're flirting with death when you try LCD. Liquid or tablets.

ApollosMyth 22

90, I'm not saying to go out and do LSD, but you are wrong when you say it is THE date rape drug. While LSD COULD be considered a date rape drug, it isn't one of the three main ones(GHB, Alcohol, or Rohypnol) because it isn't a depressant. The most commonly used date rape drugs besides the three main ones are almost always depressants, such as Ambien. That being said, LSD is bad for you, but it isn't a common date rape drug.

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What?? Many people died from first time using LSD? Never heard that before, EVER. Don't even remember ANY documented deaths related to LSD. However, it has been rumor Steve jobs were into acid in the hippie days and it's influenced his creativity. So let's thank acid for iPhones and iPads.

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Number 90

Please provide a citation for "Many people die from LSD after the FIRST TIME TRYING IT". I believe your claim is incorrect ref: "The Pharmacology of Lysergic Acid Diethylamide: A Review", by Passie et al. gives the number of pharmacological fatalities from LSD as zero

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People on fml shouldn't be allowed to talk about drugs. You are all so ignorant it blows my mind.

LSD is one of the safest drugs in the world whether you're looking at rate of addiction or the LD50. Compared to alcohol which is extremely addictive and has a therapeutic index of about 10, it's actually pretty ridiculous that alcohol is the legal one. So basically if you ever drink alcohol but chastise OP for trying LSD you're a misinformed hypocrite.

And to clear up another misconception, reports of LSD causing psychosis are more or less unfounded. Cases of psychosis (which are already < 1 in 1000) are almost always temporary (less than a few days) and usually linked to preexisting disposition for psychosis. Virtually no study has ever shown a conclusive link, and even if it did this would still be way less risky than many drugs which are already available over the counter. But don't take my word for it; do some research for yourself. But try not to judge others before you get the facts.

#90: I failed a course last year on drugs / drug use.

schafer0 4

thank you #148

graphicstyle7 17

LOL, wow, what an ignorant statement.

addioty 19

I may have been a little close -minded when I commented. Liquid ecstacy is called the date rape drug. All I know 8 learned from my drugs & mental illness teacher. The video was on Dateline that I saw.

Actually Rohypnol (roofies) and GHB are called the date rape drugs. Although to be fair, GHB is sometimes referred to as Liquid Ecstacy.

addioty 19

They aren't the only ones.

Look #1 drugs aren't bad, they're only bad cause the government says they're bad if the government said they're good from the beginning to now I can gradient guarantee that everyone of us would be hopped up on the dope.

addioty 19

Well I see you edited your comment, making me look like an ignorant dumbass. Before it just said, 'GHB and ...' Yes, that's what I meant by liquid ecstacy. I'm just going to stop trying because obviously my efforts are being shot down. I'm not the only close minded one here. Why can't people accept that not all drugs are good and that they can have harmful affects? All the information I got was from Dateline and The Truth About Drugs. You can search them up as you wish. I know LSD can be benefitial, everything in moderation, though there are risks and some people are too ignorant to acknowledge that. There is severe depression, panic attacks, impaired depth perception, tremors, acid-induced psychosis, and many never get over it. Lay off the Haterade and pull the sticks out of your asses because y'all are not even considering another viewpoint, which I find incredibly close-minded.

really..? Wikipedia...? oh that's right if it's on the Internet or Wikipedia then it has to be true...

really..? Wikipedia...? oh that's right if it's on the Internet or Wikipedia then it has to be true...

#264 Not really, people don't need the government's stamp of approval to do things in the first place. I've never touched alcohol or drugs and I know they're both harmful; and just because a substance is legalised, doesn't mean every person would jump at the chance to harm their bodies. They are definitely harmful.

My grandma worked as an EMT and she told me a story about a call they got once. Two brothers were on LSD and one had a trip that he was in a pineapple field stomping on pineapples. It turned out he was stomping on his brother's head and killed him. Just because a drug may not hurt you internally, they are still VERY dangerous.

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Not all drugs are bad. Marijuana has many medical uses .

tjv3 10

Less than 1 in 1000 umm yeah that's comforting...

harrisoncohix 5

LSD isn't.


A STORY... You're actually more likely to commit manslaughter when drunk. Just because you're tripping on LSD doesn't mean your gunna **** someone up. It's actually a legitimate idea to try, as a lot of some of the most popular songs written in the world have been written while under the effects of some kind of drug or supposedly under the effects, so its logical to think it may assist his art.

Drugs are bad, M'kay?

Seriously, what's with people trying out a particular drug, doing something ridiculously stupid, and then complaining about it on FML just to try and receive sympathy from us? It was their idiotic choice to do that in the first place.

When the doors of perception are cleansed, everything will appear to man as it is, infinite

If only I can hit the YDI button multiple times for this idiot druggie >.

I'll surely get a backslash for this, but it makes me really angry when people just have a negative opinion about all drugs, it's always the people that know nothing about them. Some of them are found in nature, (like marijuana or opium and cocaine) and have many positive effects. Most of them are much better than the drugs the pharmaceutical companies sell to you, yet no one demonizes those. Of course I'm not encouraging gfrequent use, but just because OP had a bad experience doesn't mean all drugs are bad for everyone. Just ask cancer patients before yopu generalize like that.

soccer_bball 8

#97 I agree with some of what you said. Some drugs can benefit a human being, like a person with cancer as you said. However, OP wasn't using them for that purpose, and was taking advantage of their use. Also, most drug users don't have a happy ending, which is why OP should take this as a lesson and stay away from them.


Plus, the ones taken for cancer are different than the ones sold on the street. They're normally lower dosage and have a different chemical make up (for marijuana at least).

RedPillSucks 31

With all due respect #97, just because something is found in nature, doesn't mean it's not harmeful. Also, LSD is not something you find in nature, unlike THC. Snake venom can be used to create wonderful drugs, but it can also kill you. LSD can create psychosis from a single use, and this is a documented fact.

Well, that goes for many prescription drugs as well. I just wanted to inform those that have never had any contact with drugs, that they are an enhancer. They can give you a very mellow and rewarding experience or they can give you a scarry one. Some people have the self-restraint to use them in moderation and responsibly. Crick was on LSD when he discovered the DNA structure. Michael Phelps smokes pot. Drugs don't make you a lost cause and you can't say whether they are good or bad for someone unless you are properly informed.

damn. beat me to it!

Actually LSD is found in nature, it's a by-product of the denaturation of ergotamine, a chemical produced by the Ergot fungus which thrives on rye. The Ergot fungus and it's products are attributed by historians to the proliferation of Viking, Saxon and Celtic myths and legends - it's believed that ancient tribal peoples would eat rye which is contaminated with ergotamine then 'trip out' am see dragons, dwarves, elves etc. LSD is just synthesised ergotamine - it's basically ergotamine in its pure form. Just like THC would be cannabis buds in their pure form.

154rct 7


Not all things found in nature are harmless. Just ask Socrates, who was executed by drinking poison hemlock. Calling something natural or unnatural is a red herring. But for reasons others have mentioned, LSD and certain other drugs can be safely used.


Ergot poisoning is also believed to be the cause of the mass hysteria which brought on the Salem Witch Trials in the late 17th Century


Also people, you can't really go around spewing on about how bad non-legalized drugs are. Just because the side affects can be "more dangerous", doesn't mean shit. For example, I know someone who was prescribed OxyCodon (I believe that's spelled right) after surgery, which is highly addictive and creates dangerous hallucinations. This person tried to cut off their own arm because while suffering from the side effects believed their arm wasn't theirs, that it was someone else's. Also, the most dangerous drugs for you are the ones you can buy in pretty much any store, like painkillers, sleeping pills etc. I understand OP wasn't trying suicide, but if you were careless, popping a few extra sleeping tabs would do a lot more damage than a hit of LSD, ice, coke etc etc. Even natural "drug" processes such as adrenaline and endorphins produced in your body are more dangerous. For example, self harm is actually one of the most addictive releases of adrenaline and endorphins, so therefore can technically be categorized as a producer of an addictive drug, and it'll kill you a lot easier than most illegal drugs that aren't designed specifically for death. All it takes is one bad cut for example. All in all, just because a government says its bad, doesn't mean general opinion should be so. Don't blindly follow what you here.

Apparently it wasn't a very safe environment if even your easel is evil.

I don't recommend anyone trying LSD, but I still would be a hypocrite to say it is wrong to do so and you shouldn't, as I have experimented with psychedelic drugs several times before. One dose of LSD is scientifically proven to destroy less brain cells than a cup of coffee, at least that's what my psychology professor told me. In my opinion, it is hard to believe that to be true. Either way, experimenting with those types of drugs is not for everyone, but at least op now knows not to do it again.

graceinsheepwear 33

Looks like your plans got tripped up. Sorry it wasn't a rosier picture.

Sorry OP I think that only works for Peter Petrelli.

At least OPs car wasn't bleeding green ooze.

You expect sympathy when you were stupid enough to try LSD? You're even dumber than your post makes you out to be...

Yeah cause everybody that tries "drugs" is an idiot. /sarcasm/ Step down off your high horse and think about it this way, just because someone does things that the mainstream frowns upon, does not make them an idiot. Yeah, it may be illegal, but it's only illegal because your government says "it's bad." How about you try new things for yourself instead of just taking everyone's word for it. Now obviously, things that more than likely will end in death should not be tried. But 1 LSD trip isn't going to be fatal if you know how to do it. Go ahead and say "but people do die from it." True, but that happens when you're irresponsible about it. Do your research, be smart about it, and you won't die. You might even open your mind to new perspectives you never would have seen otherwise.

^^ someone does drugs lol

\ 28

You know you're butthurt when you write a half-page essay in your defense in a single comment

I've never tried drugs or drink alcohol said no one (of proper age) ever.

Am 24 years old, never tried (illegal) drugs, only once had a huff of a cigarette[hated it], don't drink because I strongly dislike the taste of alcohol and see no benefit in "being drunk". [Well, I do technically drink one glass of "Sekt" during New Year's celebration, although I need to force it down.]

ive never tried drugs. and I rarely drink alcohol. I'll be 30 in 4 days. think on that a bit.

Michael_92 20

What I don't get is why people have to voice their opinions like they are some god. Some people think its okay, some do not, NEITHER is correct however they are both viable. Why can't people just respect people's thoughts and opinions one way or the other.

Happy birthday in 4 days, all the best unicorn vomit and rainbow headaches the world can offer. Hope that you have a good one.

#29: Because its the world and the internet. You can give your opinion as respectful as possible and someone will still try to piss on it for the fact "you're wrong" and "stupid" to the opposing person for having an opinion on such "none sense" when they are clearly always correct regardless of the concrete facts visible right in front of them. I personally try to congratulate the person who can speak their mind and still respect someone else's view on the topic at hand as positive feedback because I find that to be a rare sight to witness these days and an actual good thing to do. It says a lot about that persons character or at least it does to me. :)

ao34501 5

#23 I'm 22(almost 23) and have never had a sip of alcohol, tried any illegal drugs, or smoked a cigarette. Not everyone has to do those things or even try them. I've seen the negative sides of drugs and alcohol(like a friend dying because of a drunk driver and have seen abusive drunks) and am perfectly happy that I have never tried drugs or alcohol so I will continue to live this way.

Any of you taken any pain killers before? Drugs are drugs legal or not.

Welcome to the internet and life 29

KushCrushin - How about this - Anyone who tries LSD and thinks there's such thing as a "safe environment" to do so is an idiot. I think OP found out the hard way the LSD is stupid. I don't need to "try" a drug before deciding that only idiots use it, even once. That argument is one of the worst I've ever heard. And "just because the government says so" is THE worst. I get to see the effects of drug use on a daily basis, so my mind is made up. Stop defending your stupid drugs. Just use them if you want to and shut up.

"Anyone who tries LSD is stupid" is a ridiculously small-minded statement. I personally choose not to do acid because I already have a very warped imagination so I know things would go badly for me. But some of the deepest, most intellectual and creative people I know do take it, and I say good for them. I believe it's a choice and no-one should be criticised for it; for some people it works well and for others it does'nt. OP obviously falls into the second category, so yes if they did it again you would be justified in calling them stupid. But don't tar a whole group of people with the same brush. Would you call the beatles stupid? They all dropped acid and they were some of the greatest musicians of all time.

I think if people want to do drugs you should respect your decision. It doesn't hurt you and if they want to do it, they will whether it's legal or not. I personally wouldn't do them but it's not my place to say what you can and can't do.

miyaviichan 27

Poor 82... giving a nice, calm, solid opinion and getting thumbed down so hard for it.

69 - There most certainly is a such thing as a safe environment to do LSD. But it's about more than just where you are. You have to consider the personalities of those doing it with you, what kind of background noise there is (I would recommend music, but nothing with violent undertones), and obviously how much LSD to take. Granted, it will NEVER be 100% safe, but neither is most of what's worth doing. And of course, taking LSD is not a good decision for many people, but for others it can be an enlightening stress relieving experience.

No, no, and no. There is no safe environment, because some people who put these ridiculous chemicals in their bodies do crazy, insane things after they take them. That means running away from whatever safe environment they started in. I have personally seen many people killed by the acts of people on drugs, LSD included. So no, they are not safe, no they are not harmless, and no we should not just let people do what they want with their bodies. That isn't short-sighted, it's called "using my brain".

I say we just let the druggies use their drugs. I don't wanna pay tax dollars to protect people from their own stupidity.

*KushCushin89 robs a bank* "Whoa guys, just because this isn't mainstream and is technically illegal doesn't mean it's stupid. I should figure things out for myself!"

RedPillSucks 31

@112 actually, your tax dollars are being used when they end up in the hospital ER.

This is true Doc, many people do do insane things when using hallucinagens. But more often than not, this is because the "safe environment" they run out of wasn't really safe in the first place. Honestly, when first trying any psychadelic (or any time), it's a good idea to have at least one sober friend there to make sure you don't do anything dangerous or stupid (make sure it's someone you trust). I would never recommend taking psychadelics when you're alone. That is one of the most important aspects of a safe environment for taking them, possibly the most important. Like I said, it's never 100% safe, but the risks can be reduced.

no but seriously get off your high horse you pretentious shit

110- "no we should not just let people do what they want with their bodies" What an awful, narrow-minded statement. Whether me, you, or anyone else in this world does or does not approve of or use any drugs, it's not up to your opinions to dictate what choices people make in their lives. Sorry.

Just saying drugs are illegal for many reasons. Here are 3 of them: 1. They kill people 2. People on drugs can become a danger to themselves or others and 3. They can result in serious brain damage.

I love when people say "well drugs are illegal so people don't do it". Well that theory worked out well, didn't it? Those are usually the same people that want to make guns illegal so people won't get shot and killed anymore. People will ALWAYS use drugs no matter WHAT the consequences are. I know this because I live in the real world, not an imaginary utopia.

Well that's bull cos my fiancé 28 and she's never tried drugs or alcohol. Never had any interest in it

How about you not use them and shut up. :p But seriously this is the internet people are going to express their opinion.

bfsd42 20

Shut up doc. You only see the worst of the worst in your profession. People get hurt badly and die from prescription meds that you would prescribe, but you don't seem to think badly of these prescriptions. NO drugs are safe, but just because one is illegal, doesn't make it worse.

Bfsd - So I'm supposed to shut up, but you can spout your ridiculous bullshit? That's a bit hypocritical, don't you think? Yes, I see the worst of the worst. But I also have a life outside the hospital, and I see bad shit there too. All drugs have potentially bad effects (including over-the-counter, alcohol, prescription, etc), but the illicit ones have fewer good effects compared to bad. Don't ******* put words in my mouth or say what I do or don't think. I'm very good at doing that myself, thanks.

At least doctors are there to know the side effects and know if the pros outweigh the cons. And I guarantee "a good trip" isn't on either side. I had to take a prescription med that I'd die without. After taking it, I got a life long bone disease in 62 joints. But I'm alive. The doctor made the right choice to put me on it. Don't blame doctors because you think some prescriptions can be harmful. You don't HAVE to take them.

You can die in a car accident. You can die in an Earthquake. You can die by choking on a piece of food. People still drive, live in California and eat. Sometimes accidents and fatalities are just a good way of thinning the heard. Think about it this way Doc, if someone blows you off and gets themselves dead, Then we can chalk it up to Darwinsim at its finist.

Doc, didn't you say that if people want to take their drugs let them? Then you just said we shouldn't let people do what they want with there bodies.. Either way, LSD probably kills less people then alcohol does yearly, indirectly or directly. Yet alcohol is the legal one. The drugs that doctors prescribe to other people can easily kill them if not taken as directed and some will alter the state of the mind. Sounds a bit similar to LSD to me.

christa953 12

LSD is awesome

MikaykayUnicorn 36

Hugs, not drugs.

graceinsheepwear 33

Definitely worth trying. Once was enough though.

Were you on LSD when you wrote this comment because I can't see anyone in their right mind say LSD awesome.

I'd rather be labeled a druggie than a jugemental bitch.

bnutzinger 11

#37 have you tried it? Maybe it is awesome and we are missing out? Just saying :)

Well-- LSD backwards is DSL (Dick Sucking Lips?) I know a few guys that would think that's. . . awesome? :P

crackz12 10

LSD, sounds good to me! DSL, well that does as well!

have you tried LSD? is your comment based on ignorance or experience?

threer 30

So.. If there is no experience, there can only be ignorance? That makes no sense. Her opinion is valid; drugs can have pretty bad side effects. Furthermore, LSD is illegal, right? I'm not a government humper, but obey the ******* law.. If you want something to be legalized, you petition it or debate for it. Or are you too hopped up on your lil drugs to do so?

This fml screams YDI right from the start. Idiot.

Eh, there are other methods of getting inspiration. But about the "evil easel" thing. that might be because you are getting stressed about painting. sometimes you need to stop for a bit and gather youself.

You clearly shouldn't be taking drugs if you thought you were going to be capable of doing anything. To much tv and not enough education on what drugs actually do. Hope you've learnt something.

graceinsheepwear 33

Spoken like someone who gets all their drug info from TV and echoes others with no first hand knowledge.

There was an artist who did a self portrait on all the main different type of drugs. It was pretty interesting, actually! Also, if you're used to the effects, you can actually do most things that you'd normally be able to do. LSD isn't quite as mind boggling as a lot of people think - especially as now-a-days most of it is just a variant on the '2c' genre, and isn't as visually trippy as it used to be.

graceinsheepwear 33

Just googled that art collection. Fascinating. Thanks for the info, Cian.

I've tried a lot of drugs in my life (Stupid teenager) and I didn't assume I'd have a magical journey on any of them. Obviously OP wasn't aware of a something called a "bad trip" which can happen at any time or place whethere you're in a "safe" environment or not. Point being, most films/tv shows show most drugs to be a fun, magical experience which is nothing like what the effects of any of them are, ever. .... still I must be uneducated making assumptions based on personal experience.....

Graceinsheepwear - Spoken like someone making stupid (and wrong) assumptions about people.

graceinsheepwear 33

I merely did to 12 what she did to OP. Made an assumption. Mea culpa.

@39 - When you say a variation of 2c, I assume you mean 25i-NBOMe (aka 2c-i-NBOMe). This is not LSD and should never be mistaken for it. 25i is a lot more dangerous than LSD is, with several deaths linked to it in the past few years.

no. the "2c genre" as youp call it is a different class of drugs entirely. if someone is selling you that and calling it LSD they are cheating you. If you pay for steak and someone sells you salmon, that isn;t saying steak today is mostly salmon

InsaneBolt 7

Did you then happen to try Ambien and apologize to all your friends about emailing them requests for naked twister by chance?

You beat me to it :P