By Anonymous - United States - San Francisco
Today, my sister recorded the sound of me having intense diarrhea, retching at the stench, and eventually breaking down in tears. I only found out when I saw she'd posted it online, with the caption "lol #gaytard #sorrynotsorry". I've never been called a pussy by so many people before. FML
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  DaRito  |  25

Agreed, lots and lots of laxatives. And record the sound of her crying from it in the bathroom.

Are there any other things to post anywhere that would embarrass her?

  DeltaDragonxx  |  20

slip laxitives into her foods. a little at a time, and slowly increase so she thinks she has a problem. the day before she goes to the doctor, spike it with a bunch of it. record it.

  shinikageWolf  |  15

Wait until you know she's going out, like for a family function or anything like that. Slip some laxatives into her food before she leaves so she ends up with some bad diarrhea in public.