By beccadabeast - 30/06/2014 06:44 - United States - Mesa

Today, I sped off down the road, then realized to my horror that my cat was clinging to the roof of the car. FML
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friedpwnadge 25

Today, your cat was not a pussy.

Was the cat okay?


friedpwnadge 25

Today, your cat was not a pussy.

gjikvtj 18

The rooftop of a moving over-medicated housewife's SUV is what distinguishes a pussy from a sabertooth.

I thought that it was beverages that were commonly left atop cars, not cats.

Cats aren't beverages? That explains a lot.

I was always so nice to cats i would feed strays but i still dislike cats in general. had a bad experience

Best opening fml line ever! Lmfao

incoherentrmblr 21

And if your pussy beats you up, YDI...

You have cat to be kitten me. .. JK :D

This was a truly winning comment. Thank you.

God dammt. Barbara

@31- Definition of a liquid is takes the shape of the container while maintaining a constant volume, so cats are liquids.

Was the cat okay?

That's one way to rid yourself of these pests.

The cat was fine. Unfortunately, it's still stuck firmly to the roof. It's kind of awkward when OP has to go to the garage to feed mittens, but hey, we love our pets.

Well, cakefete, I am disappoint. That was one of the worst comments I've seen from you so far. You win some, you lose some, I suppose.

Did the cat try to claw you to death?

the cat probably did.

It may have been so grateful to get down that it clung to her, instead of the roof of the car

How do people always forget things on top of their car so easily? Especially something that's alive.

RedPillSucks 31

One might ask why the cat was on the roof. Why would OP put it there?

At first I thought OP put the cat there, but after re-reading the FML it seems more likely that the cat went up there on its own.

OP probably has an outside cat that was taking a nap up there

Or it followed OP after she got in the car. She would have noticed if there was something on the roof of the car before getting in.

not necessarily I don't check the top of my car before I get in it...

Animekid126 13

Well, probably because we don't check the the top of our cars often

Personally, it is extremely unnatural for me to place things on the tops or hoods of cars. If I'm struggling I would rather place on the ground or hold between teeth. I just know that I WILL completely forget about it. Partly this is because I am so short and if the vehicle is taller than I am, the object won't stay in my range of vision and it won't stay present in my absent-minded head.

Better on than under the car.

askullnamedbilly 33

Or even worse, IN the car- as in the motor. Cats have a way of climbing into things where you'd never expect them and take a nap.

happened to my dad. he drove a good hour before he realized a kitten had climbed up by the motor. but it was ok and his co-worker adopted it.

at least it survived

we don't know that...

I think we do. Otherwise it would have been a totally different FML altogether.

no this could have been submitted right when he realized. unlikely but still possible

Really, 49? So OP heard meowing on the rooftop and decided to post this before checking on the cat?

was your car actually a broom and were you by any chance wearing a pointy black hat?

At first i didn't know "witch"way you were going with this, but I knew something good was brewing.

Why are there so many barbara's in the world...

Time for a drift :P

Comfort, comfort, comfort now. And be more attentive ._.

I guess better it was on top the car, then it being under it getting ran over.. I hope it was okay OP?