By SoCalStoopid - United States
Today, to save money, I bought some meat in bulk. When I got home, I was told that power to the neighborhood was out, and probably would be for days. Rather than let the meat rot, I barbecued it all and gave it away to my neighbors. The power came on while everyone was eating. FML
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  bfsd42  |  20

My neighbors and I had a BBQ and candlelit drinking session during the same power outage. Awesome night. :)

I was distraught when I woke up and the power was back, hence having to go to work. :(

The moral being, power outages are a great excuse to get wasted.

  bfsd42  |  20

And, #43, all the ice sold out really quickly yesterday in San Diego. It was like the recipe was forever lost and the people were left to fight for all that remained.

We got the last three bags at our liquor store. Lol. Win.

  Sonfang  |  19

So OP honestly that's not an FML, you shared with your neighbors who were out of power just like you. What do you think we did here in Texas during hurricane Ike? We had 15 days no power.

  sxe_beast  |  11

Chest freezer (also known as a Deep Freezer) is a large freezer used for storage of food. We have a few chest freezers used to store large quantities of meats, vegetables, etc. We also have a power generator. I'm not sure why my comment is getting thumbs down?!

  Doribella98  |  14

ThisGi- if this ever happens to OP again, and you're one of his neighbors, I will make sure he doesn't share it with you. OP is sharing and caring, which is good.

  Marcella1016  |  31

This was definitely a YDI. The power was "probably" going to be out for a few days not "definitely." He could have 1) kept the meat in his freezer for awhile - the freezer stays cold for at least 24 hours, if not 48 if you don't open it all the time. 2) When the freezer is no longer cold, get bagged ice! I personally have done this several times and saved all my frozen goods during outages.

And before you tell me, "Oh he did such a nice thing for his neighbors" he obviously regrets it because he posted it on FML. And he deserved it for assuming his meat would spoil.