By Iwtumn - 17/03/2015 16:52 - Austria

Today, I came home from a crazy costume party and took a hot shower. When I opened my eyes and saw the water running from my head was bloody, I freaked out and called my friend for help. She had to remind me that for the party, I'd coloured my hair red with washable hair dye. FML
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Sorry to say this OP, but you're an idiot..

Rayth 19


Sorry to say this OP, but you're an idiot..

You would think there would be a difference in thickness, or smell. Like having red liquid on your head and smelling hair dye, not the SUPER recognizable scent of blood?

gobiteme2 34

I was wondering if OP is a natural Beach Blonde

23- maybe the scent of the shampoo and soap covered the scent of the blood/hair dye. Or maybe OP is anosmic, you never know. I am, it didn't even occur to me that you'd be able to smell the difference until I read your comment.

Imagine the scenario if she wasn't there to remind you. Would you have gone to hospital?

You would think if it were blood she would be in some sort of pain.. without her friend she probably would've realized she made a human mistake and went back inside.

Rayth 19

You didn't look in the mirror to check where you were "bleeding" from? How did you not notice your whole head being red. And if you did why would you think it was blood?

hippodankamus 22

"And that's when she remembered it was green hair dye..." *DUN DUN DUN*

She said it was died red. Not green. Smh. -.-

Woosh, there goes that joke, straight over your shaking head!

#25, if you used the Hubble telescope, you MAY be able to see the joke flying over him.

BLOODY hell, that story scared me (get it? I'm not funny, am I?)

I think someone wasn't sober while showering... party hard :D

Uh... At least it wasn't really blood?