Wrong end of the stick

By Matt - 03/06/2012 14:21 - Australia - Tyabb

Today, I went to my girlfriend's house to break up with her. It was a hard decision and both of us became quite emotionally overwhelmed at the time. We began to hug as a final goodbye, then her mum burst in the room and yelled, "HE FINALLY PROPOSED!" FML
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At least you didn't chicken out and end up proposing to her anyway, like last week's poster.

Hastile 4

Contrasts on your engagement.


Hastile 4

Contrasts on your engagement.

cookie_3008 4

Ouch!! Im sure she felt bad enough afterwards. =S Anyway.. Props to you for being a gentleman and having a mature break-up. Good luck.

Was that a pun? Or did you mean to say congrats?

citymayer 7

Lol. Contrasts made me laugh more than it should have.

Her mother was probably more disappointed than both of you.

OhDearBetrayal 25

Hey guys this could be the answer we were looking for on that last FML where the guy wanted to break up but it ended with an engagement...

xd3box 4

Good thing you have nice ****

79- even though you probably meant this for the previous FML it fits rather nicely.

85- it actually doesn't fit nicely at all, but that's what makes it funny

85&99- I believe that 79 was speaking to 45...

At least you didn't chicken out and end up proposing to her anyway, like last week's poster.

At least this op showed some back bone by not proposing....

Luunatic 13

Haha. I remember that FML!!

nofearjenshere 12

^ Glad to know your short term memory is intact.

zuzupetalsYO 11

It's probably the same guy and thus is his back story.

She'll figure it out soon enough. Hopefully.

Must have been awkward after the mom found out the truth

Congrats* on your engagement

philbelfrage 13

He was meaning from the first comment. Said "contrasts" he thought it was auto correct. Key word: thought*

philbelfrage 13

Yes I know he was referring to the first comment, and I was telling him that the first comment was a pun.

Yeah ik, I was just explaining his mistake.

philbelfrage 13

I understood his mistake, but I see how it might look like I didn't, so that's my bad.

It's fine. I just don't see why peeps keep thumbing me down. I was never accusing you.

philbelfrage 13

Because there are people on this site that think they are actually going to accomplish something by thumbing down everything they see.

*Reads 37* ... Oh my God... What am I doing with my life? ... *Thumbs down 37*

No it was not a pun. Look at Hastile's later comment #9. He put "Damn Auto correct."

philbelfrage 13

Sh*t. I appologize 5, you were correct. Thanks for bringing that to my attention 47, I completely missed that.

Congrats doesn't autocorrect to anything. He/she lied.

58 - autocorrect is not the same on every phone/device

58- it can autocorrect to contrast if they typed in a few extra letters or different letters than just 'congrats'. I call it "fat-thumbing" my keys. P.S it's not nice to call people liars.

Yeah, pretty much your comment summed up in a nutshell, eh 78?

Oh shit you're so ******. But seriously, I feel bad for you, it can happen to anyone.

It can, but it doesn't. That is what all FML's are..

How is he "so ******"? The mom made an assumption, now she just needs to be corrected on it.

Well you know what happens when you ass-u-me

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Anai08 17

Oh no how awful OP. What a stab to the heart that must have been, as well as awkward to immediately have to explain something so personal and difficult. I'm glad you and your girlfriend (now ex) were on the same page, and could break up amicably and mutually. Best of luck to both of you!

blissmarie 6

You ruined it for everyone! That "pun" was as funny as hell.

Things never work out the way you planned.

Well man you got to do what you think is right.