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Today, I got dragged along to a family dinner. Some idiot invited my douchebag vegan uncle, who spent half the night making condescending remarks and lecturing us on how disgusting it was to have steak on offer at the table. A fistfight eventually erupted, and the cops were called. FML
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Most vegans I know are very arrogant and annoying.

Hey, vegetables have feelings too; I've heard they grow better when sung to. This is why I subsist on a diet of water and dirt.


Hey, vegetables have feelings too; I've heard they grow better when sung to. This is why I subsist on a diet of water and dirt.

You monster!!!! Im fairly certain that mother earth has feelings as well....

Water has feelings too you bastard...

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Dirt has micro parasites and organisms. You are still eating living animals, single cell mostly but still.

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25, Not if those parasites are unicellular. That doesn't classify them in Animalia, just bacteria.

Forget eating, every time you breath, you upset the delicate air-ecosystem that all living organisms survive on! You bastard!

Fruits and vegetables can't even defend themselves or run away. Vegans are the true heartless bastards.

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There's a very interesting PBS documentary I saw on this topic. It explained how plants are able to make decisions, call for help from other plants and even insects when distressed, and large trees are able to 'feed' younger trees by transferring the excess nutrients they have stored through micro organisms in the soil. Very interesting stuff, so yes, plants do have feelings. That makes veganism and vegetarianism useless. You're still eating a living thing with thoughts and feelings that is capable of feeling pain when killed, so why not eat whatever you want? It all suffers the same... Which is not too much. Unless of courses you just don't like the awful ways farm animals are often treated, in which case free range meat could be a good alternative. Also, the Dali lama eats meat, does that make him 'disgusting' as OP's uncle would put it? Of course not, the man knows more about the philosophy of love, peace and tolerance than anyone and he's ok with it. In summary, yes, meat its murder, but so is eating vegetables. Eating vegetables is actually worse because they often cannot defend themselves. Sorry for the super long post...

The Dalai Lama isn't what you make him out to be either

Must be the reason why Australia broadcasts an ad to eat meat (specifically lamb)...they must have seen the doc.

Most vegans I know are very arrogant and annoying.

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He didnt say all. He just said the most he knows.

That's not generalizing. He said most vegans that he personally knows are like that, not most vegans in general. Though I'll go out there and say most vegans in general are arrogant and annoying, because **** yeah why not?

Most non-vegetarians I know are arrogant and annoying often generalizing others.

A person who is not a vegan is just as likely to be arrogant and annoying as a vegan might be. People find all sorts of reasons to feel superior over other people.

Flaum - My experience has been different. I also find vegans to be particularly obnoxious and self-righteous, much more so than omnivores. Mmmmm...steak...

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Gotta love it when you find out someone is a vegan. I like to invite them over for grass and salad dressing, then make them watch as I kill and skin everyone else's dinner right there in front of them. Offering them the still beating heart is a sign of respect for the animal. At least I tell them it is.

Maybe we're all hypocrites then. Cause I'm an arrogant douche all the time!

Very good indeed it would be disrespectful if you didn't offer. And why have their food already done and getting cold? Vegans ha

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How do you know someone's a vegan? Don't worry, they'll ******* tell you!

Hi guys, let's play a game. It's called "spot the angry vegans"!

Many vegans become so because they have a desire to feel more special than everyone else. Case in point, OP's uncle

Somehow, the fact that someone is vegan will almost make it into every conversation they are in, even if the conversation didn't start remotely related. similar to someone owning a Prius.

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The vegans I have met are incredibly judgemental toward me, and this is coming from a vegetarian!

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I'm a vegan myself but not because I care so much for animals. mine is health related due to blood pressure and such. I say if a steak sounds good to you then by all means enjoy. what business is it of mine?

A vegan diet is like the worst thing you can do to your health.

"If I can't enjoy steak, then no one is allowed to!"

Hey vegans, my food ***** on your food.

Haha I'm not even vegetarian but they actually have got a point. It is incredibly cruel. You should at least grapple with that idea; they do actually have the moral high ground.

Vegans are like radical religious preachers. If I want to eat meat, I'll eat some ******* meat. It's natural! There's no need to look down on me for not believing in what you believe.

I live in an area that has a lot of hippies and vegans. Some are kind but a lot of them here will give you a dirty look or pass by you and say "Murderer..." if they see you eating meat.

I dont even understand the point, besides health reasons, vegan or vegetarian diets make no sense to me. If we stopped eating stuff that was living we would ******* DIE. Do you understand? We gotta eat what we gotta eat.

It's a tumblr game called spot the vegan

Its because they are severly irritable due to malnutrition and hyper sympathetic response attempting to create change within., Expressed outward.

@126 That might explain why vegans are often meaner and more judgmental than vegetarians.

I used to be a vegan and I stopped because I felt so self-conscious about it. We aren't all intolerant assholes; that is a stereotype.

CrookedCook, again, I feel the desire to state that I was a vegan once and I was mostly very shy about it. I would avoid mentioning it.

You can survive perfectly well without meat, pleaseeeee get your facts straight before commenting

Well no matter what you believe, the fact is that 91% of amazon rainforest deforestation is due animal agriculture, and 51% of worldwide CO2 emissions are from farming animals.

Thats so immature by him. If he's a vegan thats his problem/choice. He should keep that for himself:)

Your uncle clearly deserved it. ;)

It was most certainly rude of him especially since what you eat is 100% a personal choice. Being vegan might as well be a religion

Unfortunately, that's almost what it has turned in to. Most are now claiming that if you weren't born and raised Vegan, you aren't Vegan.

We all have that one member of our family that we dread having at a family get together.

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Wanna know how to figure out if someone is vegan? Don't worry, they'll tell you.

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Gotta love it when family gets together! Sounds like you guys could have a tv show. They put anything on tv these days

The vegans I've met are like the Christians I've met, both want to force their beliefs on other people.

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That's rude. I'm a Christian (southern baptist) and a vegan. I don't push my religion or my dietary choices on people. They're both things I decided to be all by myself. If people want to be Christian or vegan, they'll find their way there on their own.

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It wouldn't let me finish. :( Anyways, the Christians and the vegans you've met would be the same if they were Buddhist and raw only. It's their personality that makes them pushy, not their religious and dietary choices.

18 How is it rude to state a fact? He said the people he met, not everyone.

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It was supposed to say they're rude. I was talking to my fiancé while I was typing it. My bad. I didn't even notice until you said something.

watch out, we've got a redditor over here

you musta met some shit ass Christians then.

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I've actually met many Atheists who judge and call me dumb for my Christian beliefs. I'm a Christian who believes that everybody is free to believe in what they want.

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Well, if you met a vegan or a Christian who wasn't pushy and obnoxious then you wouldn't exactly know about it would you? Chances are that you've met more who aren't that way but have only noticed when they are that way. But hey, whatever floats your boat.