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Today, I was excited about showing off my new haircut. All my friends thought it looked really good and it made me look older. What did my boyfriend think? He said I look like a little girl and he was afraid to kiss me in public because he didn't want someone to think he was a pedophile. FML
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In his defense, I look old for my age, and my (now wife) looks very young for hers...and when we were both 18, I got some very dirty looks walking around hand-in-hand with her. Nobody actually said anything to us except once or twice, though. She's actually older than I am. So I can understand his caution.

well ur friends are going to lie to you if it looks terrible. ur boyfriend is probably right. just saying.


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No it's not... Trust me, he thinks she is HOT if he thinks she looks younger! He might not want to kiss her in public, but I'd place money he wants to do twice as much behind closed doors!!! ;)

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hahah naa I don't think time my ex tried some weird ass hair do...and i tried to avoid her the rest of the day lol

Seriously now. I don't know of any haircut that would make you look both older and like a little girl, unless it was something "trendy" with bangs, and your boyfriend associates bangs with little girls. Mostly, I'd say FHL because he's thought about looking like a pedophile. Unless he looks about 20 years older, he's just retarded.

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You see the little part that says "joke"? Dang.

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seriously chill she said: joke i dont get why every one pelts u with negative votes just because someone says 1STTTTTTTTT!!!!!!1

That's one lame ******* joke. Please, a little more originality and... you know... funniness, next time.

@56: Gee, thanks Joke Police. What would I do without you?

"Mostly, I'd say FHL because he's thought about looking like a pedophile. Unless he looks about 20 years older, he's just retarded." That last part doesn't make any sense..

@82: I meant, assuming we're not talking about high schoolers, as long as the OPs boyfriend doesn't already look old enough to be her father, then a cut that may or may not make her look young shouldn't be a problem, because one would assume she isn't the same height as a little girl. If he does look old enough to be her father and he's getting upset about her haircut, though, then FHL because his panties are in a twist.

gurls shud not wear bangs.i dont think it looks good

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Go get a new haircut. Problem solved. But I bet it looks pretty :)

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FIRST!! WOOOTTTTTTT.. And Micheal Jackson Just died,, DO you gotta make fun of him already.... Dam..

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Why do you fail so hard? You even get 2 minutes to edit your comment. In that time you'd see you weren't first and your comment would get moderated anyway. Clearly you don't meet the age requirements for having an account on this site. I hope you get banned.

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cleary you dont meet the intelligence requirement to live either. Which means you'd get banned for being to young then die for being to stupid.

Who in the hell said anything about Michael Jackson here? She only said her boyfriend thinks she looks too young making him look like a pedophile. If anyone is making fun of a recently deceased pop star, it is you for automatically associating him with pedophilia. You sir have little intelligence and should be banned from the interwebs

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dude not cool. but the comments on here are jank. janks a funny word. just like queer. why can't we just use gay instead of queer? queer is just so discriminating. queer. queer queer jank queer dude. it just lost it's meaning meh I love it when that happens I'm such a jank queer.

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it's the same thing that happened to me when I cut my hair short. some people think short hair is mature while others, like your boyfriend, think you look way younger. I'm sorry that your boyfriend is giving you a hard time but I guess beauty is in the eye of the beholder

Oh, I guess there is that... I'm just used to thinking long hair = young, because most of my little sister's friends have hair to their butts.

I'm 18, and my hair is long enough I can sit on it.

He sounds like a jerk. Is he older than you? I would bet money that he is. I'd also bet he's just making excuses. I bet he's a cheater too.

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Hay that happened to my brother because he looked older and she looked younger so it was like a 20 year old kissing an 11 year old but he was actually 15 and she was 14

aha me too! I always get some amazed reaction by someone about how long it is XD *high fives for being awesome for having long hair*

and 44... I'm guessing you are smoking hot! :)

And I bet you're a self loathing bastard that gets off on putting down people you don't even know. You fail.

If I cut my hair short I'd look completely immature, believe me. I'm 18 and only 5 feet and about 100lbs, I'd look like a middle schooler! I guess it depends on the person? :o But I'm sure my boyfriend would be kinda eh too...I mean he's 6'1, how would that look? XD I don't think..most guys that at least care about you would be that much of an ass though.

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He's not into PDA now b/c of ur haircut.. ok so what? that's not ****** up at all. stop whining and dont get that haircut ever again

well ur friends are going to lie to you if it looks terrible. ur boyfriend is probably right. just saying.

FACT: Girls with long hair are more attractive. So keep in long in the future eh?

I am intrigued by this. Is it fact or personal opinion?

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I've found that all guys like me with longer hair then shorter and they've told me that most guys like long hair.

I use to have long hair and it made my neck look like a giraffe's neck. I look better with short hair.

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It is a very popular personal preference.

A genius who can't tell facts from preference :-) Epic...

As much as I hate "genius" for being a close minded Xbox 360 fanboy, for once I think he's right. Most (*most*) women are better looking with long hair. And if you want scientific facts, then here; most men have short hair, so having a woman with longer hair makes them more "womanly," thus making them more attractive to males. Of course, there are exceptions, some women look a lot prettier with short hair, but that's because they've got other features that complement/set off that fact. Furthermore, many of the lesbians I've seen seem to have 'budge'/bowl tops, and so that makes me think even more that long hair is a male preference.

I'd like to know how you got "Xbox 360 fanboy" out of my 7 word "fact". lol

i always find that so weird that guys prefer long hair. i mean i get the psychology behind it, but you can ask a ton of professional stylists, and they'll tell you that the shorter the haircut is the more attention it draws to feminine features, making you look MORE feminine.

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It's actually just a preference. People do surveys on it all the time. @60: I totally agree with you. "Xbox 360 fanboy" xD xD

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your fault, get a new haircut you tard

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Maybe he's had experience with lip locking with younger chicks, & had been warned not to because he was portrayed as a pedophile? lmao, I'd say change your hair again. FYL (:

But what if it's a short pixie cut? The only way to change that is a buzz cut.

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