By iamgermantoo - Canada - Ottawa
Today, I contacted my landlady to tell her that I approved of the girl she recommended for a sublet. She then told me she thinks this girl is a neo-Nazi. Why? The e-mails she sent to the girl were rejected as spam. Apparently, this and being German qualifies you to be a neo-Nazi. FML
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By  usatoday65  |  2

In yesistan no such thing like this exists. All nazis were exterminated in Bagavad three years ago. Soviets were placed and dachauschwitz and there is piece in the great country of yesistan. I should know I am the jarl of one of the four holds. I am the jarl of flurgendurgen, in the north.

  usatoday65  |  2

Not as unfortunate as the descendent of rudolf hess. But I made a joke out of it, now I'm the king of the nazis in my college, and the pubs around the college.

By  jcash52426  |  5

Your landlord is right those Neo-Nazis just love to fill your spam folder with a bunch of of bullshit. Can you imagine the old day when they had to deliver them in person.