By Why Is It Always Me - Canada - Calgary
Today, during an interview, I was given a list of items and asked which items I would take to a deserted island. When I chose a Bible, the interviewer asked why. I replied, "So I can burn it." What I meant to say was, "So I can use it to start a fire if the trees on the island bear fruit." FML
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By  Cynical_1  |  26

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  Kaylana_fml  |  31

Agreed, the clarification didn't make it sound any less sacrilegious to me. Seeing as I'm not a Christian, I can only wonder if it's referencing a passage in the bible that I'm not familiar with?

  TabooSushi  |  24

You guys are both overcomplicating it: OP means that if the island's trees bore fruit, OP wouldn't want to chop them all up for wood and kindling because then a good food source would be gone.

  awesomeamandas  |  37

I believe OP is saying that if the trees grow fruit that they don't want to use the trees to start a fire so they won't lose a food source, so they chose to use paper from the bible instead.
which still doesn't make a lot of sense since they could use fallen leaves and twigs instead without having to interfere with the food source.