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Today, I had just finished up at work. I was standing on a street corner, waiting to cross to get to my car on the other side. I had three people pull up beside me and ask me how much I charged. FML
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Nothing that makes me look like a prostitute. Makes one wonder how one could get mistaken for one at noon. In front of a cop car, no less.

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That's a good thing, guys think your good looking! Except maybe your showing too much.


That's a good thing, guys think your good looking! Except maybe your showing too much.

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Have you seen a prostitute in real life? They usually aren't that good looking.

Yeah I was thinking that after I sent the comment. I was just trying to be on top without saying one of those stupidER comments. . :(

I don't want to be the guy but... I wanna be the guy. Both yours must be you're. Just trying to help you distinguish. Maybe she's a good looking prostitute, and I'm not sure if that's a compliment.

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Thats when you say 'too expensive for you!'

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23 if you're going to correct someone about their spelling "wanna" isn't even a real word.

The **** yea Meme fits well with your correction.

Why can't we all just love each other

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11, lots of experience with hookers, huh?

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Id become a hooker if i was you...look on the bright side you would make more money..

Sorry you didn't finish your thought.. "If you want to correct someone's spelling.." You proceeded to break me the obvious news that "wanna" isn't a real word for for some reason. Also his spelling is fine, his grammar wasn't. Clearly you don't know the game reference I was making, and don't bs me like you never use abbreviations or slang terms. You wont win. And I was trying to help the guy not continue to make that mistake because no one else will ever tell him, like you. Good day.

AlaskaKid95 7

Clearly I'm not the only one that didn't understand the game reference. I don't use abbreviations or slang. You don't start a sentence with and...

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164 - I'm not trying to start anything, but I figure you should know: I'm, don't, and didn't are all abbreviations, so you obviously DO use them. I'm = I am Don't = do not Didn't = did not. Have a nice day, and let's all try to get a long a little better, okay?

Those are called contractions, not abbreviations.

164, The jury is out on starting sentences with "and". Many would suggest it's only a rule to be used in formal english, and as this is not formal it would be considered acceptable. Personally, I'd just avoid mentioning it because it's not really a rule that has a solid backing these days.

lol "I don't wanna be that guy" - proceeds to not only be "that guy," but does it twice. you definitely didn't want to be "that guy" friend.

I don't think it matters if one is pretty or not. Sex would feel good whoever it was or at least I think. I have no say on this actually. fml too.

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206 we can test that theory. (;

I was having a fun time, until the grammar nazis showed up.

That's an untrue myth. I personally know plenty fine ass prostitutes. 10's! Most porno bitches have or do prostitute as well. Most strippers also will/have prostituted.

I thought these replies would be on the comment, not on grammar. O.o Sorry, but I think I'll pass on the lesson - I come to ESCAPE schooling, not to relearn it.

They are actually called contractions. An abbreviation is like "apt" for apartment, and "max" for maximum.

you people take things to seriously,I mean really,who gives a F*** about grammar on here lol

Geez, I see the Grammar Nazi convention is back in town...

Congratulations to all those who commented above, you managed to transform a FLM in Grammar Nazi's Convention. (Middle) Fingers crossed hoping that my spelling and my grammar are right.

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I just have to say that I love ur icon so much!!

nublets 12

Your picture creeps the **** outta me

Commenter No. 2 offering a provocative and insightful standpoint on this situation has shown outstanding word choice and vocabulary.

Wait, you're not a prostitute? Then what were you just finishing up?

Take it as a compliment! Must mean you're HOT.

Time to change up that wardrobe OP. Either that or switch professions.

The only thing I dislike about FML is that attention seeking rookies, take one of the top comments and reply to it, making a totally irrelevant comment in order to have theirs seen/get thumbed up. Somebody had to say it. -_-

May I ask what the point of FML would be, if not to have people see your comments? Would you honestly post a reply if you were the only one who could see what you wrote?

I would love to know what OP said back!!!!!!!!

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I almost couldn't thumb this up, because there was 69 thumbs...

Wardrobe isn't necessarily the problem. most prostitutes these days dress casual, think college student or secretary as to not stand out to law enforcement

225, sounds to me like you know your prostitutes.

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Is Wayne Brady gonna have to choke a bitch OP?

It may have been the location where she was standing and not what she was wearing. Hookers normally stick to one specific location to effectively service customers. So people assumed that she was a hooker due to her body language (waiting for her ride) and where she was standing. NOT her clothing!

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No cause it's the stereo type that Asians say their l's as r's

I'll give you a nickel to tickle my pickle. ;) *nudge nudge*

Uh wheres 137?! And why don't you just private message them?

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Do somethin' strange for a little bit of change (;

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Extra 5 dolla happy ending?

I'll give you a penny if you don't act like Cheney. I'll give you a nickle if you tickle my pickle. I'll give you a dime if you take your time. I'll give you a quarter if we do it in the corner. I'll give you a dollar if you make me hollar. I'll give you a five if you take a dive. I'll give you a ten if you act like a hen. I'll give you a twenty if you'll trade for a penny.

I always did like me an "edgy" woman. ;)

This is when you say " If you have to ask, you can't afford me."

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They think you're hot, I'd take it has a compliment :D

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Either that or they're desperate for someone to love them long time... Oh they so horny

with that attitude I wonder if u respect any actress, singer, or entertainer because most of them have prostituted themselves... it's called a CASTING COACH for a reason!

227- what if their a ginger, and they don't have a soul, then is it ok?

Sounds like three good reasons to wear a little less make up and a little more clothing.

Maybe OP just finished work as a prostitute?

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And where exactly do you work at to get mistaken like that?

I work at Best Buy too lol. Never had that happen yet:P

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I'll bet your price is very low, but then you'll get me to buy batteries, cables, mounting hardware and an extended warranty, and then I'll be totally screwed!

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I have never seen an OP comment their own FML!!

GoW_Chick 14

Really 42 I have, though it is rare. And this is to OP, I thought best buy went going out of business, or is that only where I am?

that's only where you are i guess because they're still everywhere else

OP, you didn't know? The blue polos and khakis are the newest hooker ensemble.

Leave a little to the imagination. Always best to have a bit of intrigue.