By SLAB_GIRL15 - 01/08/2012 07:59 - Australia - Port Macquarie

Today, I cleaned the toilet so vigorously that I snapped the handle of the brush. I laughed and told the rest of my family. Instead of joining in on the hilarity, my mother screamed, "We have had that toilet brush for twenty-six years!" FML
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There goes YOUR family heirloom you were getting in the will!

I can only imagine the horror of what a brush would look like after being used for 26 years to clean a toilet. You did your family a favor.

how dare you break that brush!! it was practically a part of the family by now! (that was sarcasm)

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... Broski?... You a snowboard?

You never know, the brush could have been received at the same time as another event happening. As a house warming gift for example.

Even if it was a house warming gift, toilet brushes should be replaced after a few years. They get nasty and harbor all sorts of bacteria.

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agreed 69, the brush probably would have made the toilet worse haha

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Oh the irony in that comment lol

I don't think it was irony , I believe that comment was made as some sort of pun. -__-

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"that toilet brush *helped me finish* for 26 years!"

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"not that it was very good..."

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"screw it. Let's get me a vibrator."

Lol aw sad my comment was thumbed down :( meany faces.

"I loved that toilet brush; It helped me through all the shitty situations, put up with my crap and never got pissy about it. You will be missed."

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#3 For some reason your picture + your comment + the FML = my day made. :P OP.... Sadly, this sounds like something my mother would do. I feel your pain!

Your picture... Its so perfect for the comment.

And that toilet brush has seen its last shitty job. On to a better life!!

I wonder what that toilette brush did that was so terrible in a previous life, to deserve 20+ years of service to cleaning shit.

Folf you haven't made many comments but most of the ones I've seen make laugh my ass off.

How dare you? That brush was a member of your family!!!! What the hell?? Lol just kidding sorry for your luck OP

Passed down from generation to generation. You must feel terrible you sick monster.

Wait. Could you tell me why breaking the handle is "hilarious"?

Yeah cause it's freaking hilarious...

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I was thinking the same thing. Lol

Cuy he tried cleaning so hard! & their supposed to be hard

That brush was filthier than the toilet

Thats what I was thinking, any brush that old can't be to sanitary..

Or the brush could have been cleaned and disinfected in the meantime.

Yea it may have been cleaned off but even with bleach now and then 25 years is a lot of bacteria.

Your corn snake hatchling is so cute by the way ;A;

We get a new one at least every few months ... this is just ewwww

107 - if you disinfect properly, the brush will have fewer bacteria on it than the ones you buy from the store. How long it's been in use has little to do with that. And thanks, I think he's cute too!

Yup, because everybody insures their toilet brush to make sure it doesn't break. Btw: are you blonde by any chance?

They don't make toilet scrubbers like they used to back in the day!

Apparently they didn't make them too well back then either. xD