By Anon - 14/11/2011 08:45 - United States

Today, I carpooled with my co-worker whose girlfriend has left him. The radio was playing the song "Jar of Hearts." He then began to sing intensely, and broke down crying. FML
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Newsflash: MEN HAVE FEELINGS. You're an insensitive ass. No but seriously, that song sucks.

Badab1ng 5

Shoulda given him a sweet and spicy backhand to the facial area, then kissed him gently. He'd be too confused to cry.


jdogg0119 4

You should of sang with him

rexgar2000 10

How did that song make him cry?? It sucks

Everything gets better in time! :)

Awkward turtle passing by... Just roll and drop out of the car, quietly.

The first time I heard that on the radio, I thought the DJ said "Jar of Farts." I was extremely confused...

poor guy. it's a great song but so emotional. have some sympathy! the poor guy just needs to cry it out. Don't be a douche and say fml. It should be his FML.

chickenwalrus 14

are you kidding? that song could make me sad even if i just fucked scarlett johanson. well, more like if i just found a ten dollar bill.

75 and that was our long lecture of the day, brought to you by SeeYouInShell its the same for me if "someone like you" comes on the radio :/

Thank you 12...

phoenixslayer69 4

Should of put on jar of flies. Because that relationship is DEAD.

13FTW 9

That's rough. The guy obviously had his heart broken and nobody seems to give a shit. Guys have feelings too. OP should quit being an insensitive bitch and try and help him out. As for you #2, suck a dick. Give the guy a break, he's going through a tough time. Your attempt at a funny comment makes you look like a douchebag.

Angelice_fml 0


How do you find any humor in yourself?

44 - and you're only 14? Superrr.

What the f**k does it matter what his age is? His point is just as valid, douche.

phoenixslayer69 4

Because at 14 he probably doesn't know the band Alice in chains and the album jar of flies. if his point is valid then the expression of the band is wrong.

13FTW 9

67, all the FMLers always talk about how they hate stereo types so move on. Just because I'm 14 doesn't mean I can't make a statement that means any less or more than you. Kids often are pretty smart if you take some time to hear what we have to say. Looking at your profile it says you're 15. That means you're a KID just as much as I am. As to 80, I don't think anyone got your attempt at a joke based upon the number of thumbs down you got.

phoenixslayer69 4

The thumbs down show absolutely nothing. Also I agree with you age means little but life experience means a lot do me a favor listen to the album and you will understand where I am coming from.

91 just keep digging that grave, 44 you give me hope for the future generations. Seriously kid :)

Lool omg I meant to say that you're matured for a 14 year old and most guys that are older could not make such a statement like yours, which is pretty smart lol. Can't believe it gone the wrong way that I'm making fun of a 14 year old kid as like you guys mention, I'm only 15. Hope this clears everything up.

how do you know he's only 14? I'm 14 too but I'm a dumbass.

13FTW 9

My apologies then 115! Thanks for clearing that up. 110, why thank ya!

Oh wow now I figured it out.

Oh wow, because all this matters on the internet. Big deal, you stood up to someone you can't see face-to-face. If this were real life, I seriously doubt you could stand up to them like that. Anyone can act/type tough on the internet (such as myself), but in real life, we'd never defend someone we don't know like this. That's (sadly) just as society is. So get off your high-horses, pull those sticks of your asses, and read the FMLs and comments less seriously.

You commented pretty seriously.

Not really. It may seem serious but that's because something can be taken different ways when typed. There's no obvious tone.

Perfect grammar, perfect punctuation, yes sir people can tell when you are being serious

So what you're saying is if I speak correctly, I'm serious. But if i wrote liek this then im not srs. I'm sorry I like to type right and not like a drunken monkey. Moods cannot be rightly determined over the internet, I'm sorry to say.

HowAreYouToday 34

Haha sucks to be you

Why does it suck to be OP? He's not heartbroken...

Surfer7456 7

Cause he has to ride with the crying foo

53- you're the foo...L.

Wayne913 13

Good comeback. Very creative.

baygirl564 9

Poor guy

rudegirlmania 10

I read this and was heartbroken. Don't you just want to give him a hug??

Hey if that song came on at the right moment, I think that we would all do the same in that situation, I know I would!

Atleast it wasn't Adele

Badab1ng 5

Shoulda given him a sweet and spicy backhand to the facial area, then kissed him gently. He'd be too confused to cry.

SunnyAutumn 0


Newsflash: MEN HAVE FEELINGS. You're an insensitive ass. No but seriously, that song sucks.

blondebrunette11 4

I love that song... But I'm a girl and he's a guy... It's a song about a girl to a guy.. Unless he has a secret ;)

Doc is right! Enough with the macho bullshit. Men DO have feelings too!

from my experience with guys, the only feelings they have are horniness and hunger.

Doc, WTF? I love that song! But I'm a girl, so maybe it's different. That happened to my friend when she and her boyfriend broke up though (Jar of Hearts started playing on the radio)--it's awful.

It wouldn't be so lame if it weren't 'Jar of Hearts'!

*wasn't #grammarnazi

Bigdanish9785 3

Comfort him don't b a jerk

lexex1 4

Should have put on welcome to the jungle...that song makes everything better

sicwitit 0

Haha like

Wow, talk about awkward.

rexgar2000 10

LMFAO! I'm sorry but I just pictured it and I couldn't help it.