By jocksblow - 14/11/2011 13:23 - United States

Today, I found an old jock strap in my tuba. FML
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perdix 29

So that's what you've been blowing for months.


pfx2_fml 15

That's pretty gross, how did you get it out?

13FTW 9

"That's why this piece of shit sounded funny!"

youcunthole 0

Momma always said life is like a box of chocolates you never know what your gonna get

dragonlord354 4

I knew I left it somewheres..

Jvr91 8

Oh sorry YDI for signing up for band

I found panties in my Barry sax but I thought of it as a win

Badab1ng 5

Three children in Nigeria could eat that for 8 months. Be thankful for what you have geez.

Are you going to eat it? If not pass it that way. I don't want it.

Sorry 94. There was a comment before 54. I was mainly refering to him/her, but it was apparently removed. So, that being said, my statement is now void and out of context.

perdix 29

So that's what you've been blowing for months.

lakaiskate 12

Tuba players are supposed to be the best kissers. Watch out ladies.

tuba_erika 1

Lol I'm a girl tuba player so watch out guys lol ;)

ipodlover1995 0

Cuz that's MY first reaction when I find an old jockstrap in my tuba.

Predental 5

Maybe it helping you reach those notes "down low". Better leave it in...

florido_fml 10

You should b happy u found it!

musicalducky 21

Better than if it just stayed there forever.

Or HER jockstrap. Gurlz play the tuba too...