By ish - United States
Today, my boyfriend broke up with me in the parking lot right before a baseball game, then convinced me to still go to the game in tears. After the game, we were walking back to the car and he goes, "so, how about some break up lovin'?" FML
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  Bucinka  |  5

@52: If she's in Maryland, it might have been an Orioles game, in which case the most likely answer is: The other guys.

PS: Yes, he's a giant douche and deserves to never get laid again.


If you are a member of the male faction, THUMBS UP #60. He is right damnit. Baseball is the best place to get married and break up, and when was break up sex ever a bad thing? I mean you guys could have hit it off and he would have thought about you in the next baseball game with the next chick he was breaking up with. Then he would really know what he was missing out on when she doesn't have break up sex with him.

  genius_man16  |  0

YDI for still going to the game. Seriously, he just broke up with you and you still do what he asks? Someone is either very very desperate or you're just a sad person

  Trooth  |  13

They probably went in the same car making it impossible for her to just leave unless she took like a taxi or something...

But yeah your ex is a complete idiot

  GR3453m0nk3y  |  4

yeah i dont see why people break up with their bf/gf while not at their home
isnt it a little awkward to break up with someone and them drive them all the way home!?!?!?!?!?!