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Today, I learned that despite having told them two years ago, my parents still aren't accepting of me being gay. I found this out when my mom called and asked if I was "cured" yet. FML
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I'm truly sorry. :( Having family who aren't accepting of who you are is tough. I'm bi but haven't told my family because I know how they would feel (which is not very positive).

That's just rude. Ask her if her severe case of ignorance has been "cured" as well.


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Well, are you cured yet?

I'm truly sorry. :( Having family who aren't accepting of who you are is tough. I'm bi but haven't told my family because I know how they would feel (which is not very positive).

Nerds get you hot? Or do you mean hot guys with glasses?

#3 Real nerds. But real nerds can be hot.

If your family doesn't accept you, they don't deserve to be accepted by you.

Leave it to FML members to be so passionate.. Everyone needs to settle down this is so funny, im on here to laugh and thanks for posting, touché

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You got 2 fmls submitted?! Which ones were they? Congrats #2 but FYL for your situation. I'm in the same situation too :(

One was about really small boobs I think and she actually commented on it. Idk what the other was

My parents know I'm bi. My girlfriend and I are really open and we just tell "haters"(for lack of better word) to fuck off. I'm lucky that my parents are super democrat and are insanely accepting. I'm sure they'd even still accept me if I wanted to vote for Romney's dumbass

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72, I'm bi. Parents accept me. And their "super republican" or whatever (as if it matters...) oh and of course let's throw politics in here... They'd still love and accept me even if I voted for obama's dumb ass... Point is, families, in most cases, are gonna accept you, though they may not always agree. But because they love you unconditionally they'll take the "good" and the "bad".

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You're an even bigger idiot if you vote for Obama ! Ill take the Mormon over the Moron!!

#37 I'm so sorry that you're in the same situation. It's rough. My parents claim to be liberal, but whenever they see gay people kiss, they get disgusted. One of the FMls that was accepted was about how (at the time) I was 21 and the only bra I could fit into was a training bra. (This is no longer the case. They are still small, but I can fit into a real bra, thank goodness. I can wear a push-up bra all I want and I don't care if anyone calls it false advertisement or whatever. The other FML I had published was about the fact that my parents had gotten divorced but they were still living together, almost a year afterwards, because neither of them could afford to have their own place. #73 There are actually a lot of gay/lesbian/bi people whose families have cut off all contact with them and/or kicked them out of the house. Not all parents are understanding.

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77 - I only wish I could thumb you down more than once.

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#77 the Mormon is the moron. If you have paid attention to every speech and publication for his campaign, you'd find him vague, duplicitous, and deceitful. Gary Johnson is who we really need, but I'd rather settle for Obama.

omgpenguin 1

I agree with 77. Sure in 4 years we got the change that was promised to us by obama but it wasn't good. But that's straying away from the subject at hand. I just think it's funny how 72 had to throw in politics

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OP, parents can be really stupid sometimes. I've been with my partner 9 1/2 years. My mother asked for a family portrait, stating I could either include my partner, or not, whatever I'm comfortable with. She had no clue why this angered me. I hope your mom gets a clue someday.

Sam position as you

LOL that's fucking hilarious. But hey, society has showed plenty of straight relationships being the "right" thing to do. Can't do anything about it.

Yes, please tell us more about your shitty views on right and wrong.

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I don't think the Op finds it hilarious..

Don't worry guys - he's blatantly a troll. Even people who DO think that don't write it in such an asshole way.

I feel bad for OP. it's the worst when family doesn't support or understand. I have a friend who's mum took him to a bunch of shrinks asking of they can "cure" him. One of them said that his mum needed to be cured of her ignorance and 1950s thinking. Haha.

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Holy shit, you people are ignorant. HackerExecute put "right" in quotation marks. He's not advocating anti-gay like you all believe. In fact, the comment is neutral. Read it again. Damn.

5- Something CAN be done about it. That's why there are GSA's. That's why there were civil rights advocates in the early 1900's. Our society tries to tell people who and what they should be and what's right and wrong, but trying to control others is really what's wrong.

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Pretty sure he was mocking their ignorance of the fact that being cured from being gay is not possible. His laughing is in spite of their narrow-mindedness.

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Can you just not talk. Ever. Fucking loser.

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That's an awful thing for her to do. She's your mother, and she should support you.

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Sadly, it's not always the case. When I told my family I was bi my sisters jumped back and thought I was going to do something unspeakable to them. It's just wrong sad and depressing :(

So sisters immediately jumped to the conclusion that you are a incestuous lesbian rapist? Sorry,FYL.

I agree. Parents don't have to agree with their child's lifestyle but accepting it is a must. Acknowledging that their child is gay/bi/lesbian helps their child feel more accepted. Every child, no matter how old, wants to be accepted by their families. I'm sorry for anyone who are in these situations. I'm pregnant and if my kid turns out to be gay, I will love and accept them just the same.

That's just rude. Ask her if her severe case of ignorance has been "cured" as well.

I'd call it tolerance rather than ignorance.

^ agree, but aside from that science has no place for homosexuals.

It's horrible to have family like that. They are supposed to support you no matter what. Well I think it time you laid down the line with your family. Once and for all.

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No they are not. What if one day I want to kill all the black people coz I have chosen Aryan way?? Homosexuality does NOT lead to continuity of life. Its a mental sickness expressed in a physical way. Like it or not. Its just WRONG. Period. So NO the family is not suppose to support every fucking thing.

That's disrespect at its finest.

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Your picture is awesome lol

Thank you :)

Ask her if her heterosexuality has been cured.

What about the unconditional love?

Jackasss_fml 14

What about disciplining a child not to go against nature?

Well, no one said OP's mom doesn't love him/ her... Just that she apparently can't accept his/ her homosexuality as something that isn't going to change.

Oh geez, 21, you just HAD to go there didn't you?

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Obviously, her Chronic Bitch Symdrome has not been cured yet.

LOL that was probably one of the most epic comments EVER. Well done!!