By pinklatina - 09/12/2016 20:01 - Canada

Today, I fell and fractured my tailbone. I just healed from my last tailbone fracture 4 weeks ago. FML
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You should always keep your coccyx wrapped in rubber!


friedpwnadge 25

You keep getting boned by you own clumsiness.

You should always keep your coccyx wrapped in rubber!

I was once bouncing up and down on an exercise ball and my friend decided it would be a good idea to kick it out from under me, so I feel your pain. That wasn't even a lasting injury either. Hope your butt feels better soon :)

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sonasonic 34

I think you got the wrong FML there. -_-

Be careful OP, soon you'll be in the.. iron butt.

Will be waiting another 4 weeks for an update on this fml :3 break a leg!

blobbertthethird 24

What does a person do for a fractured tailbone? Because I may have fractured mine.

Have you tried turning it off and on again?

Kristoffer 35

Comfort food is nice, but it'll take more than pastries to heal a broken butt-bone.

Soft foods (no straining), a donut pillow, lay on your stomach a lot, no soft chairs, and pain meds. Nothing can be done to repair it. Just take measures to keep it in place while healing.

blobbertthethird 24

Thank you! I figured out the stomach thing pretty quickly. Sitting, standing, or laying almost any other way friggen hurts. You've been more helpful than my doctor. She told me that whether it was bruised or broken, they couldn't do anything. I understand that; it's not like they can put my rear end in a cast until it heals. But there was no mention of the foods, pillows or chairs. She just gave me muscle relaxers that are supposed to help me sleep but don't. Again, thank you.

If your falling more often than you usually do or have in the past, you should see your doctor and rule out certain issues- examples would be inner ear damage, and tumors on the spine, etc. Sudden changes in balance aren't supposed to occur.