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Today, I came in to work looking very tan. I took Friday off to go to a friend's funeral, which was outdoors, and I tan very easily. Now my boss and everyone else thinks I lied about my friend's death to get off work on a Friday. FML
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I'm so sorry for your loss. Your boss's a douche bag.

You should have taken a cool "vacation" pic of yourself standing next to the casket.


I'm so sorry for your loss. Your boss's a douche bag.

Sorry for your loss. I wish I got tan easily. I'm kinda pale :p

xoconnie 8

dont care about what other people think about u. u know u were at a funeral. but what i dont get is the fact that they jumped to the conclusion that u skipped work friday.... u could have gone to the beach saturday or sunday... since its not like they saw u the day after the funeral. hm odd

Let them believe there false truth, atleast you have a badass tan!

Omg #30 you should be a model. I'll be your agent ;)

FML is not a dating site. Hit on her elsewhere please.

Laurenlou 24

Sorry OP! But we all know what you did Friday. Don't lie. ;)

enonymous 8

I too cannot wait to see her penis. I am in favor of modeling.

Tell them all to kiss your tanned ass.

Canada girl, you also have a URL shortener on your page back to your FML account to gain money through adds. Glad I'm not too ******* stupid to click it.

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You were on our good sides there, 65! Way too ruin it with the next comment.

It took me a millisecond longer than it should've to comprehend the second sentence of #1's comment. It's not too often that you see a contraction like "boss's" actually meaning "he is" instead of the possessive. But I second the sentiment.

srry #69;) lol i know tho havent figured how to delete stupid shit i say and message ppl lol im new :O

coffeygirl12 14

Come on guys, if u wanna internet flirt get an eharmony or something & be done with it. Kay? Thanks.

That's worst than being burned in the tanner.

Either OP's boss and coworkers are assholes, or OP's enough of an asshole for them to think she would lie about something like that.

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Sorry OP that blows :/ some people are heartless these days PS: This isn't an online dating site... Flirt with each other using the messenger...please...

Damn...your boss sure is an asshole, I guess someone who was jealous of your tan spread that rumor and for the last time guys, this is not a dating site go to eharmony for that stuff

Wow these comments are full of fail. Sorry for your loss.


I agree with 1, maybe you should hire Jamie foxx to help you kill your boss lol

rallets 22

you should try to connect the dots since you dont know what to tell your boss about what happened last friday night

n_epic_fail 14

well it sounds like your boss doesn't trust u... now y would that be? but yea YFL

Op could just bring in the obit. Or have someone vouch they were there...

30 - When just about every single comment that you post becomes thumbs'd down, it's probably a good reason to do something different.

@ 138: I hate that I see what you did there.

GuessWhatKids 13

One of the very rare occasions when I don't doubt an FML's authenticity. As for all this bullshit about people complaining that some moron complimented a girl's picture, honestly who gives a ****. Let these idiots be completely irrelevant morons if they wish, some people are born ignorant and you should deal with it and ignore them instead of verbally ******** on them and wasting everyone's time.

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121- this has nothing to do with her husband...

You're a Fried Egg, Fried Egg, getting fired like a Fried Egg!

this is the lamest comment I've ever read.

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VasilisaUzhasnaj 29
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Redundant comment is redundant.

VasilisaUzhasnaj 29

There is a glitch with mobile FML that causes occasional repeat posts. Beyond my control.

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Jeez, now that's a sticky situation.

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Sorry for your loss....I hope your boss goes to hell!

Show your boss your tan lines?... Hopefully you werent wearing a bathing suit? :P

I think saying that you hope he goes to Hell is a little extreme

Haha, your boss will probably make you do something "special" to make up for his assumption!

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This is real life, not your favourite **** site, akmufasa.

Wow you took that completely wrong. I meant that the boss was so dumb he would try to make her do something when he was obviously wrong. It was a jab at the boss' intelligence.

That sucks, have anything you can show as proof that you were at the funeral?

bfsd42 20

I have a feeling there is something she isn't telling us.

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The police report for after they found the body?

...or you know they could've died in a hospital due to sickness...

You should have taken a cool "vacation" pic of yourself standing next to the casket.

That's tacky but I know some kids that would do that. They'll take a Facebook picture of themselves and the dead person and the caption reads, "Grandma iz so sleepy LOL

kayla22098 3

25 - I love your pic. That is all. :D

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Maybe you should just show them the pamphlet from the funeral. Problem solved.

Op: I was at a funeral. Boss: Show me the proof. OP: I threw it away. Boss: Then you lied. OP: -my picture-

every1luvsvag 10

Holy shit, CryMoreFMLs commented on my comment.

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What if it's their face?... Most people don't walk around wearing a ski mask in August. Just a thought.

Why should they even have to be worried about what other people will think when they have other things on their mind.. Like the fact that they have to go to a friends funeral.

I'm sorry about your friend. Let other people think whatever; as long as your conscience is clear. :)