By Anonymous - 23/06/2014 22:59 - United States - Imperial

Today, I started a new internship. I couldn't do anything until I was trained, and I couldn't be trained until I had a login. I stared at a wall for three hours. FML
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I bet you can tell me every single design and flaw about that wall :) Wall Expert OP!

I would have smashed that wall after 30 minutes


I would have smashed that wall after 30 minutes

Wow. I would of just tried to solve some equations or something. This generation is too violent.

incoherentrmblr 21

I have a feeling this isn't a paid internship...

I bet you can tell me every single design and flaw about that wall :) Wall Expert OP!

Wall Expert ... Well that would definitely take some dedication

Yes, indeed. OP deserves a giant cookie

For some reason walmart came to mind when I thought of commenting I really need to get off FML

It took 3 hours to get a login? What kind of internship was this?!

My company can take up to 1 week mate. Pitiful.

You should of brought a book with you to keep you occupied. That's what I do when I do have any work to do.

They probably didn't know they weren't going to have anything to do.

What? Reading a book is what you do when you have any work to do. Now that is dedication... to the book at least.

I solve a rubiks cube so i dont get bored

You should play on your phone.

Was gonna say, even if you have no book or phone, a pen and paper is all you need to write/draw. Hell, even if you only have paper you could do origami, make paper planes, build some sort of tower....I dunno, there must have been SOMETHING to do other than staring at a wall.

smartass. I meant when you don't have any work. oops

So ... What color was the wall

shouldve Atleast turned on some porn...

Yes because that would've been a completely appropriate option(!) -_-

He couldn't log in, how was he supposed to watch porn?

Lebeaugars95 20

yes, that is a great environment to watch porn in..

And what did you learn about the wall?

Demig0d6 14

Did you by any chance apply to walgreens?

badluckalex 23

or wallmart?

So, you are the new writer for the Wall Street Journal?

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Here's a cookie for you're patience *Gives you cookies*.There would have been no wall and probably no internship if I would have been in this situation.

Always carry earphones..!

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True that!