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  ZleveL  |  0

there'd probs be only 20 people there. were could you live where yo grandmama can call half the town? that's a small ass town.

oh shit I just realized this fml is from Canada, no wonder the towns so small

  rachelmacivor  |  0

hey, hey, hey, number 98, FUCK YOU. it's not all little 'villages' sure I live in a small community, but no reason to stereotype, I mean, my small village is right next to a large town in nova scotia, and I'm proud to live here. so GO CRAP IN A CONDOM AND SHOVE IT UP YOUR MOMMY'S BUM BUM.

By  dancingyrlie  |  1

Today, my grandmother embarrassed herself by telling everyone about a marriage that they will soon realize is never going to happen. Good thing forced marriages are illegal and I will eventually get to choose my own spouse. MLIA.