By Anonymous - 3/12/2009 09:47 - Canada
Today, my very traditional grandmother has decided it's time for me to get married to Kevin. She's called half the town and informed them of the good news. I'm 17. I've never met Kevin. FML
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  ZleveL  |  0

there'd probs be only 20 people there. were could you live where yo grandmama can call half the town? that's a small ass town.

oh shit I just realized this fml is from Canada, no wonder the towns so small

  rachelmacivor  |  0

hey, hey, hey, number 98, FUCK YOU. it's not all little 'villages' sure I live in a small community, but no reason to stereotype, I mean, my small village is right next to a large town in nova scotia, and I'm proud to live here. so GO CRAP IN A CONDOM AND SHOVE IT UP YOUR MOMMY'S BUM BUM.

By  dancingyrlie  |  1

Today, my grandmother embarrassed herself by telling everyone about a marriage that they will soon realize is never going to happen. Good thing forced marriages are illegal and I will eventually get to choose my own spouse. MLIA.