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By jobless and broke - 29/07/2015 18:40 - United States - Mesa

Today, I got fired from my new job on my first day. Why? Because I'm 19 and company policy says you have to be 21. But they can't ask how old you are. FML
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What kind of job isn't required to know your age?

What company was it? Seems a little strange.


What company was it? Seems a little strange.

This exact situation actually happened to me right down to the same ages a couple of years ago. I got a job at the Post Office, but because I would have been handling so much cash and would actually have access to the safe, my superior said I had to be 21. She hadn't specified this to the area manager who hired me, just assumed she knew, so the manager hadn't thought to ask. The whole thing was just down to shitty communication between different level managers.

Some states have laws that you can't ask age on applications or in interviews for fairness and possible discrimination issues. However for a job with a requirement, it should be listed in the job description / requirements (like where they say you need x amount of experience, x degree, etc)

There's a back story to this. How'd they find out?

Maybe on the application op filled out or when they ask for a copy of their drivers license

I worked as an assistant in HR DEPT. They always asked for ID. I am trying to figured out how they not know?

What kind of job isn't required to know your age?

I am guessing somewhere that serves alcohol primarily (pub/club) or has gaming machines or other gambling present.

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some jobs that require that sells or handle guns/ alcohol and tabacco.

they said 'isn't' as in most jobs have to know your name for pay rate and legal reasons etc

So you're telling me at a place where you can buy a gun the employer doesn't know the employees age? Well **** it then I'm buying a gun off of a 7 year old.

When you apply for a job they legally cannot ask for your age or date of birth to prevent ageism.

39- but if they have a minimum age requirement to work there then they would have to ask young looking applicants if they are at least that age. Hiring a teenager without even asking and then firing them on the first day because they're not old enough to work there is stupid and completely unprofessional, as well as a waste of everyone's time and money. Not to mention incredibly rude to the applicant to get their hopes up and then screw them over.

That's why this is an FML. The minimum age should have been stated clearly in the job description, but it is just as illegal in the USA to ask a person's age on the application or in an interview, as it is to ask a person's religion or nationality.

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Usually jobs like this have a question on the application that says "are you at least 21 years of age". Legally that is the most they can ask in the US, and only if it applicable to the job, like if you are bartending or have to drive for your job.

Most it's against the law for them to ask because of discrimination laws

> ageism lol wtf this isn't tumblr.

"it is just as illegal in the USA to ask a person's age on the application or in an interview" Is this a new thing? Because I have never once gotten a job without being asked if was over sixteen, what my birth date was and having to hand over a copy of my ID which has my Birth date on it. I can't think of any job I've ever had wearing going in my boss did not know how old I was especially since different states have different laws regarding what age you can't start working and how much they have to pay you when you are a minor. Plus the fact that there are many, many jobs that require you to be 21 or over and a lot of those won't even let you apply without carding you first.

They can ask you if you are above a certain age, but not specifically how old you are. The id they use (this isn't something that needs to be done where I am) should only be used by HR to verify who you are for tax purposes. The only thing the boss needs to know is that you are of legal age to work there.

You have to be 21 to sell that and so they would ask to see your id before hiring you

yes they can, the law only prohibits discrimination against someone for being over 40.

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But how did you get the job without them checking your date of birth?

Because in the USA , it's illegal to ask an applicant's age on an application or in an interview

46 - But they can ask "are you at least x years of age".

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Every employer I've ever worked for has needed to see my license, or passport, both of which have my date of birth on them. I don't understand how they hired you without knowing your age.

If you're serving alcohol, you have to be 21. But it's against the law to ask them how old you are in an interview. It's easy to hire someone, then have to let them go because they aren't old enough.

91, it's 19 to serve alchohol in a few states.

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Uhm I’m sorry but what states? In all of the USA the age is 21

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None of this makes sense. Stay away; far away from them.

OP got fired remember. I don't think keep their distance will be an issue.

what kind of company does that? You're officially an adult, it doesn't even sound legal to get fired for something like this.

It really doesn't matter if OP is an official adult. A lot if jobs have certain age requirements mostly because of what kind of stuff they sell.

Age is only a protected class for people over age 40. Age discrimination is perfectly legal as long as you are discriminating against young people.

The only way I could see them finding out would have to do with your pay stub. OP a follow up would be much appreciated.

To clear this up, due to age discrimination, you cannot ask a potential employee their age in an interview. You can however ask, "are you at least 21?" To see if they meet the job requirements.

Agreed. If their is an age requirement, then a company can legally ask your age. Most police departments have a cut off at 34 or so, and you must be 21. They ask your age all the time. On top of that, you must provide a state issued ID and SS card or passport to fill out your W-2 paperwork. It wouldn't be that hard to figure it out.

Did you not write down your date of birth anywhere on your application?

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OP jst said they cant ask for ur age in the post.

19 - Pretty much all applications have "are you older than 18" somewhere on the application. And if the age requirement is 21 they should have "are you older than 21".

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At the very least you should have written down your education history, and if they see "Graduated from High School in 2013" odds are they're not 21.

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