By Punkpoptart1119 - 06/06/2016 23:57

Today, at my new fast food job, I was in charge of filtering the grease out of the fryers. I accidentally turned the wrong lever and flooded the kitchen with hot oil. It took over 3 hours to clean up, and my manager is furious. FML
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Hi! OP here. I honestly didn't think this would get posted so I'm pretty surprised. They gave me a super quick run down of what to do, then everyone left the kitchen. The front cash people don't know how to do it, so I was left alone. The good thing is, it could've been way worse. My manager said that if it had flooded on the top, the fryer could've caught fire, so at least it wasn't that. I was really upset so my manager told me to go outside and have a smoke while it was cleaned up. She got mad at the kitchen people for leaving me by myself and talked to me later on. She said that everyone makes mistakes and that it was okay. I had to filter the fryers the following night, but I made sure someone was with me so I didn't **** it up again. I still have a job! Thanks for all of your comments. A lot of them made me laugh and feel better about the situation.

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At least your manager wasn't a ******* and was mad at the right people instead of you. Glad to hear you still have your job!

Wow, your manager is like 7 times less shitty than most


You should pay more attention but your manager should chill, accidents happen and at least no one got hurt.

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I have to wonder - why is there even a lever that DOES that? It's like having a self-destruct button.

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#16 - I'm not sure, but I think its purpose is for when you need to fill up the fryer with oil. But since it probably was already full, it overflowed. Just my guess though.

#19 I think it's more likely he turned the lever that empties the grease from the deep fryer, so it can be disposed of, as I've never witnessed a fryer with an auto-fill option.

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#24 - Thank you for correcting me :)

If it's anything like the fryer I used to work with, it wasn't so much the wrong lever as it was the right lever at the wrong time. Mine was set up with two vats of oil, but the drain/filter pan could only hold one vat of oil before it overflowed. So, if you were to flip the lever to drain the second vat before refilling the first, there's your flood.

#16, that lever is there for filtering/draining the oil. OP probably took out the oil trap which would have caught and recycled the oil, and pulled that lever thinking it was the shutoff or something. That happened all the time at my old deli job (I worked with idiots).

Woah that's a pretty big mess up dude. Your manager's furiousity is validated. At least you didn't get fired.

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Lmfao! That one made me almost spit out my drink!

Did no one show you how to do it and just left you to figure it out?

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Yeah, normally when you're new, you are always taught first and also supervised for your first attempts until they are sure you know what you're doing. If they just gave you verbal instructions and expected you to do it right, well it's actually their fault...

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It's a new fast food job and they left you alone unsupervised to do the messiest job in any kitchen. And that's apparently YOUR fault?

Don't worry OP! accidents happen all the time, especially at a job you're new at. At least, you know now what lever not to turn.

I've been there, done that...if it's a new job for you, and they're putting you on fryer grease changing? Their responsibility for training.

This stuff happens all the time, especially when you're new. Don't let it get you down, OP; just learn from it.