By highschoolsucks - 05/10/2012 02:44 - United States

Today, I chaperoned a school dance. A song I knew came on, and, wanting to be the fun teacher, I danced around a little. The students then pointed and laughed. I graduated in '87 and high school still hurts. FML
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Shoulda Asked them to teach you how to Dougie'!

ee13lbp 4

It would have been more awkward if they just stared in silence...


Shoulda Asked them to teach you how to Dougie'!

Any publicity is good publicity, right?

Well, OP graduated the year before my parents... and if they're anything alike, there will be some popping, definitely some locking, and then some dropping - straight to the floor

chell1894 13

The real question is why would you go back? I mean there's tons of other professions out there and yet you chose the one you absolutely hated.

Ya The dougie or Gangnam Style.....Eey sexy laadyy..

40 - Where in God's name does it say anything about OP hating being a teacher?

Said she hates high school. Is a highschool teacher

Always has hurt, always will. Unfortunate OP. At least you tried.

tehdarkness 21

Way to be a zeek! Bet they put it on YouTube by now... Even worse than '87...

Don't know if troll or just stupid.......

ee13lbp 4

I don't understand the stupidity behind this comment... Can someone explain why it has so many downvotes?

xoxo_jackie 5
xoxo_jackie 5

First of all, what the **** is a zeek?

ee13lbp 4

It would have been more awkward if they just stared in silence...

And this is why most people hated high school...

perdix 29

Yes, but this time, not getting laid by a cheerleader is not just an episode of typical teenage angst, it will keep your ass out of jail. If you had the moves like Jagger, you might end up with a night of carnal pleasure, but 5-10 in the hoosegow (where child molesters are at the bottom rung of the prison food chain.)

Back in HS they had the moves like jagger, now they just have the moobs like jabba.

A disliked comment by perdix! IMPOSSIBRU!

loserboii 11

Back in OP's high school they had electric slide

Pretty_Pink_Lady 10

It's always funny to see the teacher dance, I'm sure. Try not to take it as a direct insult, just and inevitable effect of being a middle aged adult dancing in a room of 15-year-olds.

OP graduated the year she was born?! That's amazing!

Pretty_Pink_Lady 10

Yeah I forgot that you should always assume people are infant geniuses. My bad, 11.

The OP graduated in 1987. Most likely he/she is 42/43.

Yes, that was stupid of me. What was I thinking? *sinks into my chair*

daringtoride 27

High school never ends, my friend.

BeforeItWasCool 12

High five for the BFS reference. But seriously OP, I feel bad for you man. High school is full of utter jackasses.

perdix 29

You didn't do The Elaine, with the thumbs and the kicks. It looks like a full-body dry heave.

raider27 7

Lovely reference Perdix. Hahaha oh God The Elaine is a classic

wellfuuucckme 7

Yes cause back then nobody laughed at the dorky teacher trying to be funny!