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Today, I was sitting in my room while my mom was talking to my uncle. I had my door open. She said, "Yeah my son doesn't know I have his phone password. Girls nowadays are real sluts." FML
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They're just jealous because you're getting some! :)

this is obviously an A and B conversation C your way out...

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27- When it concerns you, it doesn't matter wether it's an A B conversation or anything else

27 now D and E have to F you up G (I need a shower after typing that lameness)

L, M, N, O my gosh would you P-lease shut up 27

I'm tired of the same old *****, it's sad

Text your girlfriend " my mom doesn't know I have her credit card numbers, credit scores are so easy to ruin now adays"

No, her moms right. A girl I know has a file of nudes that she randomly sends to guys. Girls these days, are in fact, *****.

No, her moms right. A girl I know has a file of nudes that she randomly sends to guys. Girls these days, are in fact, *****.

Because that girl you know is a **** doesn't mean ALL girls are ***** ;)

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No... Young teenage girls really are ***** these days. Although I guess it's not their fault the media encourages it & they have bad parents who don't pay attention.

but then his mom won't have anything else to do with her life

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Get a screensaver saying "get off my ******* phone ****" she can't say anything without admitting she has your password

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Or just change the password...

Change your password? If she ever figured that one out, set your background to an image that says "Get the **** off my phone", and she'll realize she's a bitch

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Why would your mom refer to you as "my son" rather than your name to your uncle? That seems really odd.

Ooor, maybe he didn't feel like putting his name in there for the FML world to see..

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Yeah I'm not saying he isn't. It's weird to refer to your son as "my son" to a presumably close relative rather than his name. Clearly you didn't get my point!

Oh my gosh! He doesn't want the whole world to know what his name is so he said "my son" instead of his name. When it actually happened his mom probably used his real name. You are thinking way too hard. Just chill

I agree with StayAwake! This is apparently just one of those TRYING to be 1st comments that really has SHIT to do with the actual post! So yeah, it takes two to tango… But it only takes one STUPID, IRRELEVANT comment to look like an idiot!

Pretty sure you look like an idiot right now, by having a bitch fit over a comment.

It's completely relevant. Two to tango means it takes two for an in, while the girls may be *****, it's the guy's fault too. It's not like the girls are just seducing the poor bastard, and so, he's a **** too. It may take two to tango, but it only takes one of y'all to look like an ignorant blowhard.

79 - Fix your sentence before you insult people.

According to Geico it takes three to tango.

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Why? She obviously has no life if she feels the need to snoop in his...

well change it... and delete those pics :)

Thank you! I was wondering how long it was going to take before someone told OP to just change his pin! Or better yet... Turn off the "Simple Passcode" and set it so you have to actually TYPE the password/passphrase and set it to "I'm a snooping, judgemental b*tch" Then if your mom says "Oh I see you wised up and changed your password… TELL HER what you changed it to!

Doesn't telling her what it has changed to defeat the purpose of changing it?

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I think that deaper needs to... chill THE **** OUT. I mean... REALLY.

deaper- You must be new here, generally being an asshole only works if you're funny. Which, sadly, you are not.

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Your mom watches too much Jersey *****. Real women do not act like that. Blame the media for your pathetic lack of privacy.

Your comment was very off context,she's talking about te girls off his phone and how many of them are bening sluty, nothing to do with jersey shore

You get a negative thumbs down just for defending jersey shore lol :D

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So are you his mom? I. Take it as his mother has his sons password and utilizes it because she thinks girls nowadays are slutty. Is that a learned behavior? Or do girls just act like ***** because all women are *****? When I walk into a store and the girls act/look like snooki- i see them emulating what they see on tv. I personally blame Bad parenting and weak minded girls. I just hate Jersey Shore and I can and will blame it for everything. Example; Gas prices are up - damn those jersey shore ******!!! Prove me wrong, or gtfo :)

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moms now days think all girls are *****. shit you could be dating the most innocent and beautiful girl for years but as soonest she puts out and your mom finds out, she automatically thinks she's a ****

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^ You, sir, are absolutely right. Buuuut- don't send pictures next time, I guess. I'm not saying YDI, because the Mom's ignorant for saying that since that might've been a one time thing- she doesn't know and shouldn't! It's your sex life! But, next time, just.... Do it in person or something. There's not too much evidence *if you're safe*

It doesn't take much effort to change it. On top of that, stop being so predictable.