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Today, I asked my boss for a couple of days off to recover from a nasty ear infection which has left me hard of hearing. However, he didn't understand why that would affect my job and refused. I work in a telephone call centre. FML
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I got to say I agree with your boss. Due to my past experience with call centers. I never found anyone there listening to me anyhow. You actually might make employee of the day


I obviously don't know the entire situation, but don't you only need one ear to use a phone? It might get annoying to hold a phone to the same ear for hours, but it is possible.

That's what I thought originally but they sometimes wear headsets at call centers Also the main theme of the FML is that the boss is a jerk so it doesn't really matter

40 - I've had double ear infections that have left me hard of hearing in both ears. OP may not have one good ear.

Even if she could use the other ear, I bet she feels horrible. Ear infections can be extremely painful too. Sounds like she may need a sick day just because she's sick too.

Why don't you hear your boss out, with the extent of you infection and all.

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42 - "It?" So he's not a human being or is less of one because you didn't like his pun? Wow. How would you like to be called "it" for how artificial your face looks?

#51 - lighten up. it's a fairly common thing to say when someone tries to make a joke and fails. you know "I think it's trying to communicate" like an alien so bad at the human language.

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It's an insult, it doesn't matter if it's "common." I guess insults are fine as long as they're "common?"

#53- If you're against insults why did you insult her..?

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56 - if you look back at my comment I said "how would you feel if." I was doing it to show her my point and give her a taste of her own medicine. I'm not going to sit here and argue that it is not good to insult people. If you all want to believe it's ok to do, be my guest because you're beyond reasoning with at that point.

#61 in FML, everything should be taken lightly... this isn't YouTube comments. or at least it shouldn't be. What she said wasn't an insult, it was a joke. sure, it was on the expense of #2, but it's lighthearted - I'm willing to bet that #2 can take a joke. chill!

maybe you didn't hear him correctly due to the issues with your ear? haha, JK, your boss is a sick. fyl.

I hope he understands once your performance is affected.

for the record, an ear infection doesn't mean both ears are infected ;)

I got to say I agree with your boss. Due to my past experience with call centers. I never found anyone there listening to me anyhow. You actually might make employee of the day

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How about you get an ear infection then go to work the next day? I've had those every winter until I was 13 they were the worst part of winter break >.

I get one every summer. It always happens right before I'm ready to go on a plane. They suck, but you get used to it.

#33 Look up. There's a joke going over your head

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Ear infections are no joke! They're so annoying.

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I once had one so bad I couldn't walk without looking like I was drunk and blood and pus was oozing out of my ear. It was fun.

You should have just said "what I can't hear you". After that relax and feel better. Depending on where you live a simple fmla paperwork will protect you from punishment . Edit * don't know about in the UK ...

FMLA /might/ protect your job. There's some pretty stringent requirements for it to be in effect both at your workplace, though I expect a call center will certainly have enough employees to make the cut, and personally. You need something like 1300 hours of work in the past year and you need to have worked there for a year.

Op should have just kept saying "I'm so sorry, but I can't hear you, could you please speak up and repeat what you said" then continue to say that 3 or 4 times until he's frustrated and realizes that it's pointless and also (hopefully) clues in that you'd constantly be saying that to the customers too.

Don't you wish people can sometimes hear your side of things

Your boss is an idiot for not comprehending the simple relationship in your situation.

I don't think you know what relationship means buddy…

you don't even know what the **** you just typed. i promise. it did NOT make you sound smart.

If Spongebob taught me anything, it's that you use your eyes to hear, so unless the electricity went out, get back to work.