By SODbeatlesMCRlp - 19/11/2010 16:54 - United States

Today, I came home and found a can of body spray. My parents get me a new scent whenever they go shopping, which is usually at least twice a week. They left a note: "Do you get it yet?" FML
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There is no excuse for smelling bad, unless you're allergic to deodorant. And even then there are options. You totally deserve this one!


Chaith 16

#16 is Awesome It puts the body spray on it's skin, or else it gets the hose again.

omg mintberrycrunch can i have your autograph?

whoever doesn't understand 16 needs to be thrown down a well with "Goodbye Horses" playing on repeat & images of Buffalo Bill's mangina flashed at them every 15 seconds

sourgirl101 28

41 I thought it was "lotion" not body spray. I could be wrong.

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44- also on South Park, episode (Bebe's Boobs). 67- Yes, it's lotion, but this is a joke. Hahaa.

Maybe they should have been getting you gifts of body wash and deodorant...

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its sucks but dmn u cant tell if u stink ?

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hey sourgirl- I mean this in the nicest way possible, but you may want to find a new hairdresser... your highlights are way streaky and brassy. if you're in the socal area I'd be glad to fix them for you!

sourgirl101 28

Thanks lovie, I did tone them down since this pic.(:

Heheh trollololol **** tha police :D you must smell bad t(•_•t)

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lol.... you need some old spice!!!

u...kind sir, win. old spice fresh (white stick)

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He needs to shower regularly. Old Spice doesn't cover up days of funk for long.

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28 - How do you know he is kind? Moron. Stop attempting to use Internet trends..

yessss! my brother has that as a ringtone!

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I agree with 93, but still, 28 was being a queer so I understand where 89 is coming from.

threer 30

#89 is right. If the dude used grammar and actually presented himself well, that first impression wouldn't have been as shitty, #93.

actually I think him parents might be referring to him smoking and want him to stop cause it smells.

Yep. Thank you, 105. You win the "random no evidence claim" award for this FML.

There is no excuse for smelling bad, unless you're allergic to deodorant. And even then there are options. You totally deserve this one!

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yes there is, people can have like BO problems

Nope, still no excuse. There is such a thing as "clinical strength" antiperspirants.

yeah and when you're someone like me even the clinical ones don't work. the op may have a disorder that causes them to smell...

mintcar 9

There are many factors that contributes to strong body odor. Some could be due to skin conditions, perspiration disorders, metabolic disorders, etc.. TMAU is actually a metabolic disorder that can cause a foul body odor. Applying a stick of deodorant isn't going to help at all. I don't think any of this applies to OP's case but sometimes smelling bad is something that can't be easily fixed. (And btw OP, if this is just a hygiene problem then YDI. Take the hint from your patents. )

my2centsworth 15

If the problem is caused by a disorder, the parents, with whom OP lives, should know about it

A sweet, rotten-fruity smell can also be a sign of diabetes.

wow that sucks..guess u smell that bad

Eughhh people that smell are bad enough to walk past, let alone go near especially to date.

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Dang, I thought the smell of BO is a turn on for women!

That sucks?! More like that's brilliant, unless you want to walk around smelling of B.O?