By poop - 21/03/2015 16:47 - United Kingdom - London

Today, I was at my Mandarin teacher's house. I had diarrhoea and had to go to the toilet. My mum texted me while I was still in the toilet saying, "We all heard you". FML
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I feel like this is everyone's worst fear

Well, be prepared to always have that story be brought up in the future as a funny one haha


Well, be prepared to always have that story be brought up in the future as a funny one haha

Look at the plus side - they didn't all smell you

I feel like this is everyone's worst fear

Well to be honest, spiders are a lot scarier then being heard taking a dump.

And you know what even worse? Not making it to the toilet because there's a spider on it!

"That's a shitty situation." -said no one ever.

Yeah, I wouldn't say that, it's so obvious it's best left unsaid.

That's not something you can control. Hopefully no one made it more awkward than it already was. Life happens though.

It happens to the best of us! It just sucks. We're all human, OP!

大便! ^ it means poop.

Is the exclamation mark part of Mandarin too, as in is it a letter in Mandarin? Or is it just an exclamation mark?

no the exclamation part has the same punctuation as english

or 拉肚子

Your mum is cool

next time open the taps on the sink and pray that they have copper plumbing! if they do, it'll make more noise than you do. if all else fails, just poop like nobody's listening

Please don't! I would rather be heard than to waste water like that.

#18 oh u're such a good kid

I think it's more awkward when people do that. Every time they go to the bathroom I mean.

@ 34-Or I know the value of water. I didn't grow up having unlimited water at my disposal like you. My state only had running water from 10am-2pm. And some days there was no water at all. Wasting water that ways feels like a slap to the face to the people who don't have access to running water in other parts of the world, which are more than you think, myself included.

You seriously couldn't spell out "you"?

Umm, British English

I love how your profile pic goes beautifully with your comment

My bad! should've taken that into consideration before I commented. sorry.